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Old 05-26-2010, 07:33   #1
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rem mod 11

just picked up a nice mod 11 . i want to put a plastic tactical stock on it. does anyone know if the 1100 or 870 stuff will fit the mod 11. or would anyone know who makes stuff for that mod 11. thanks
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Completely different action on the Model 11 and the newer Remingtons.

No tactical stuff available for the 11 that I know of. Mag extensions might fit.
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A Remington 11 and Auto-5, IIRC are the same gun..

I know of synthetic stocks made for Auto-5's towards the end of their production because i've seen an Auto-5 that had one as a replacement from Browning for the original when it finally cracked.
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I fitted my Model 11 with a Auto 5 stock. They are not the same and it required some stock bedding material to make it look right. I am missing a friction piece so I haven't shot it yet either so..... I don't even know if it will hold together when I shoot it. It doesn't really look the best either. It would be easier for you to pick up some new wood and paint it than trying to get tactical plastic.
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