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Old 05-23-2010, 07:44   #1
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.22 & (eventually) .308 Scope under $500 or $1500

Brands: Nikkon, Leupold, Nightforce, Leica, S&B, ?

Use: Current - paper punching @ 100 yds with "my" ultimate 10/22. Later - paper punching with .308 @ 600, 800 yds.

Desire: Seeing the .22 bullet holes @ 100 yds. Quality, Functionality. Ruggedness - in that order.

Question: Which scope around $1.5k for this purpose? & Which scope around $.5k for thise purpose? I'm really curious what I'm going to get for the extra $1k.

Extra info: I don't want to buy a super cheap scope for my 10/22. Period. I hate crappy optics. I want to buy more optics than I need, and be done with it. Like I said, eventually I hope to put these on a different gun, then maybe I'll get something less expensive for the 10/22.

BTW: I have a few models for consideration, I just don't know enough (even with reading quite a bit) to know which way to spend my dough.

Thanks in advance,

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Old 06-01-2010, 09:51   #2
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S&B and Leupold are the only 2 names I would trust for what you want. The extra grand between a 500 scope and a 1500 scope usually get you a more ruggard housing, better resistance to water more minutes of angle of adjustment and a better warrenty. Also dont forget the Base and rings are just as important as a quality scope. Both the companies I named made a variety of reticle paterns. Magnification options and features but I have used both for years without fail. Even if they did both companies stand behind their products with good customer service and warrenties.
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Old 06-09-2010, 18:41   #3
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just in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Found everything I needed for $399.99 + mounts. Leupold VX-ii 3-9 EFR. All the goodies (coatings, weatherproof) and EFR so you can focus up close for the .22, and far away for the .308.

And I'm putting the extra dough (~1000) towards a spotting scope, as was suggested by other individuals I shoot with and I can't agrue with their reasons for now.

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