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Lance Thomas


I read your article on Lance Thomas and at time of writing you had been unable to get an interview. Don't know it that has changed, since original article.

Two things I would have done early on in Mr. Thomas' situation. Did he do either and would you have recommended either if asked?

Get some bullet proof material for cover. As I recall, both from your article and you tube video Mr. Thomas was often or always behind a counter. Boilplate or something in the counter to stop bullets would have seemed to be a good idea after the first or second attacks. Or some other form of cover.

And how about a long gun. I know space tight, but a short barrel shotgun would seem like a good idea to have handy. In you tube video he was even making a call to 911 as bullets were flying, so he should have been able to reach a shotgun.
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Mas Ayoob
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I never did have the privilege of meeting Mr. Thomas. However, I've heard second hand that he has or had a relationship with the Front Sight training center. You might want to try there, and see if you can catch a lecture from him or if they can put you in touch with him. You can also read more of Mr. Thomas' story in Paul Kirshner's excellent book from Paladin Press about the world's deadliest men.

I don't know if he armored the workplace or installed a long gun within reach, or not.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

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I reviewed the you tube video again. In some scenes Mr. Thomas appears to be behind a large counter. But in the scenes of police taking evidence after shooting there are a lot of standard glass display cases, not suitable for placing armor.

I also wonder if he was behind some kind of cover when making the 911 call, while a gunfight was in progress.

Also interesting scene at end of video, where Mr. Thomas interviewed after leaving LA. Briefly shown is rack with shotgun and AK. Interesting video and interesting person.

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