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Any real cases of accidental killing neighbor through wall?

I read all the time about how using this or that weapon or caliber is bad for home defense because if you miss your attacker the round will go through your walls and your neighbor's walls and kill them instead.

Has this ever actually happened that you are aware of?
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Mas Ayoob
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A number of accidents have occurred over the years when a shot went through a wall and killed a neighbor, or another occupant of the house. I know a man who accidentally killed his wife with an unintentionally- discharged .45 hardball round that went through multiple walls before it struck her between the shoulder blades. Some years ago as an expert witness I was involved in a case of an individual who accidentally discharged a Beretta 9mm upward. The bullet (9mm ball, if memory serves) went through the ceiling, exited the roof, and struck and crippled for life a roofer who was up there working on top of the building.

It happens. It's why we have to consider penetration when we select defensive ammunition. It's also one reason why I recommend a home defense strategy of staying in place in a protective position instead of going looking for the bad guy if you hear "a bump in the night." Once you start moving, it's a tossup where the encounter may take place; if you've stayed put in a preselected spot where you have a good field of fire and know that no innocents are likely to be in line with your gun beyond the wall, you've greatly reduced the hazard.

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