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Old 07-17-2010, 14:04   #1
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Ammunition carriers.

I thought I would have seen a thread on this somewhere. I guess this would be the right forum to disscuss it.

I would like to here opinions and reviews on the best way to carry extra magazines and supplies, water,etc. for someone with a long gun and handgun. Whether at the range or in an emergency.

Many people not only shoot handguns but also rifles and or shotguns. Putting a spare 30 round ar mag in your back pocket is not ideal. At the same point waring some type of armor carrier like Rambo is not appropriate either.
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Old 07-17-2010, 15:18   #2
Hunc tu caveto
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It all comes down to accessibility and security for the given activity doesn't it.

I carry a spare magazine for my pistol on my belt in a mag carrier. If I am in a class on the range I will carry three on the belt and sometimes two additional in a pocket. Single stack 1911 guys occasionally have a need for a few extra mags.

I generally don't walk around with a rifle. Civilization hasn't quite degraded that far yet (but I am concerned). If it gets that bad I would probably wear them on body armor. Otherwise I have found that a single belt carrier or a pants pocket serve the purpose and work equally well.
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Old 07-17-2010, 16:50   #3
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I have a range bag that packs 2-4 handguns, mags, Glock kit(spare parts, sight tools, Glock tool, other tools) hearing and eye protection, other range stuff (tape, dots, roll of targets). One end pocket is filled with Medical supplies. The other end pocket is mini survival stuff, knife, multi tool, folding saw, cord, ect...
I carry ammo, bulk in cans.
My AR15 is in a carry bag, with pockets for mags. I have tool bags from the surplus store that have 6 mag pockets (these where cheap $14 each) and room for lots of ammo, maybe a spare handgun.
I do pack some other stuff in my range bag...range finder, wind sensor, extra hearing and eye protection for friends. Also holds a couple bottles of water.
I think in 15 years, Ive used 1 bandaid, and used my multi tool once or twice. But its nice to have.
Even my 300 Win Mag bag has pockets (which boxes of ammo fit in. Its nice to grab your rifle and bag and know your set to go shooting! One pocket can hold other things...knife, ect...
My range bag is big, probably with ammo and 4 handguns, plus other junk about 60-65#. But its much lighter coming home from shooting...plus lots of fun getting rid of all that heavy lead!
If you have big gun shows near you check out some of the pocketed rifle bags. A surplus army/navy shop or internet for the ammo/mag bags. Range bag get the biggest one you can carry. or two smaller one's.
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Old 07-17-2010, 16:54   #4
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Join Date: May 2010
Location: Arizona
Posts: 1,337
I forgot my buddy uses army tool bags for each caliber of handgun. He keeps the pistol in a rug. Then loads the soft tool bag with mag's, ammo, and the handgun. Has a tab on the outside (luggage tag) 9mm, 40, 22 cal, 10mm, 44 mag...ect...
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Old 07-20-2010, 23:04   #5
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You could do a belt setup, or a belt/harness rig.

Good old ALICE works well, it's not high speed but it'll carry your spare mags, holster, water, and anything else you want it to. All for a low low price at your local surplus store.
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Old 07-23-2010, 10:41   #6
David Armstrong
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Putting a spare 30 round ar mag in your back pocket is not ideal.
While not ideal, it isn't necessarily a bad idea either. You've offered two very different situations, going to the range and carrying in an emergency. Going to the range you might be more concerned with plenty of ammo and less with extra water, food, shelter, etc. In an emergency, just the opposite. As Aiden points out, ALICE is inexpensive and very flexible so you can tailor towards more specific issues, then move your firearm(s) to the appropriate carry as needed.
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Old 07-23-2010, 12:27   #7
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Illinois 61550
Posts: 250
Honestly, ALICE is cheap enough that I think you could afford to build two sets. Plus, it's completely modular, so as David said you can tailor it to your specific needs.

A rig for the range consisting of a couple AR pouches (each holds 3 30rd AR mags, or a few pistol mags), a canteen or water bottle pouch, suspenders, and a Sportster SERPA (or any other serviceable holster) can be put together for as little as 30 bucks. I put together a rig of a belt, 4 AR pouches and suspenders for 8 bucks by diving through the "1 dollar bin" at my local surplus store. Add a SERPA and a pistol mag pouch and you're set.

If you're creative, you can modify the ALICE pouches to be a little more high speed, such as cutting off the top flap and adding a strip of bungee cord. At 1 or 2 dollars a pouch, you shouldn't feel bad cutting it up.

Also, you can rig MOLLE pouches you may already own to attach securely to your belt. I have Fastmags on mine.

To build an emergency kit, just add larger pouches, such as a rucksack or a backpack, shovel, knife, compass, flashlight, supplies etc. Fill it up, and if something happens, put it on grab your rifle and go.

Basically you can copy a soldier's kit in VN, and put all the stuff you need in it.
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Old 07-23-2010, 13:02   #8
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Location: California
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I like my Maxpedition Thermite that I have at work for a "war bag."

It will hold 2 AR mags, 2 pistol mags, one small bottle of water, a handfull of energy bars, and leave room for batteries, bulbs, bino/monocular, etc.

It is a fairly small package too. It can be work around the waist or over the shoulder.
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