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pocket carry revolvers and internal cleaning

I have a number of J frames in 38 and 357. All centennial models with no lock. I carry one airweight daily in weak hand side pocket with a kydex pocket holster. Other times carry J frame loose in coat pocket. I keep the inside of my pockets clean and use tape to remove lint, etc.

Still I worry about foreign material getting inside the mechanism. I realize with centennial model and no lock few places for material to enter. Still do you recommend taking off side plate and cleaning with Qtips on some schedule? If so how frequently should this be done, esp for centennials carried daily or near daily?
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Mas Ayoob
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My own detail strip protocol for pocket-carried S&W Centennials is...whenever.

One of the beauties of this design is that crap just doesn't seem to get into the mechanism. Wipe it down carefully before you live-fire or dry-fire it for practice, and the only real avenue for lint to get into the mechanism -- that is, crap on the upper rear trigger that can deposit debris inside the gun when the trigger is pulled -- is pretty much shut off. Pay particular attention to wiping down the trigger area of the unloaded gun before dry- or live-firing, of course.

Seriously, Jack, these guns seem to run with "dust bunnies" in them. One reason they are so popular for pocket carry.

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Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 2,164

Thanks, this is pretty much what I figured.

One reason I like centennials, best of all the J frames is few areas for lint, etc to get into mechanism. And one reason I like no lock versions, is one less area for lint, etc to get into mechanism.

I mainly carry centennial in weak side pocket and I use FIST kydex pocket holster. This does provide quite a bit of protection. Plus in this application I like kydex, because I can clean the inside of the holster of dust in the sink and let it dry out overnight.

While I am not experienced in detail stripping revolvers, I have on a couple of occasions removed sideplate and trigger. So as you suggest, I might whenever a slow day occurs take the sideplate off and have a look. I don't expect I will find much, if anything. Thanks again.
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