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Longshot in Double Tap Ammo?

A friend of mine thinks Longshot is the powder that they use in DT ammo. Not one to argue I told him that it could very well be and that VithaVuori n105 might match it but my personal opinion was that it was a proprietary powder.
Your thoughts?

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What makes you think it is LongShot or any other powder?
What was the caliber/cartridge/bullet weight specificly of the observation?
How much did the powder weigh in grains?
Do both occupy the same space by weight?
What does the powder look like?
Ball?, Flattened Ball?, Flakes?, Tublar?
Color? Gray?, Black?, Silver?, Chrome?

You could never be absolutly sure what powder it is even if you were to answer all of these questions.

I am trying to Identify the very silvery(almost like chrome) looking powder he is using in the 9x25Dillon cartridges which is the same for the 3 different bullet weight loadings, only the charge weight is different. I still have many powders to look at for any attepted guess.

Besides the powders Mike McNett is using maybe proprietary powder only avalible commercially and not sold as standard handloading stocks.

But I sure would like to find what it is he is using in the 9X25Dillon cartridges.
Southeast, LoUiSiAna
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