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Number 1 on Glock 19 barrel

I bought a new Glock 19 Last month 10/19/2010 (Brass collected 9/21/2009) and I noticed it has a "1" on the barrel in front of the pentagon symbol. Does that mean it was replaced? I thought I read if Glock replaces a frame they add a "1" after the SN. (Neither of my other 2 Glocks have this)

One more Question. I haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but when chambering a round the bullet is hitting the feed ramp straight on. It chambers the round when I let the slide rip, but seems like it wants to hang up when I ride the slide slowly. Is this normal? I only ask because I also have a 23 and 27 and when chambering a round in either of them, the round pretty much slides right into the chamber much smoother.

Thanks in advance.
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The replacement barrels all begin with "L". Unfortunately I do not know what the "1" is for?

Your slide is built to strip a round from the mag at full speed. If you are holding it back and slowly releasing it you are causing a malfunction. Pull the slide all the way to the rear and let it slam home. This is what "normal is". I guarantee it will perform as well as your other pistols in a couple hundred rounds.
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