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Can a person under 18 be a trustee?

I've been doing some searching and found an ATF letter that says the NFA is silent on age restrictions for possession. So while you must be 21 to purchase a NFA item from a dealer it is possible for an 18 year old to purchase an NFA item from a private party in their state of residence.

I'm wondering if a person under the age of 18 can be a trustee on a NFA trust.

I'm specifically wondering if my 15 year old son could be placed on a trust and then use a suppressor or SBR for hunting where he is off on his own with the NFA item.

I'm thinking you probably have to be of legal age (ie 18 or an emancipated minor) to be a trustee, but I figured I'd ask the expert.
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Zak Smith
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This is one of those questions you pay your Lawyer to figure out while he's writing your trust. I can't give legal advice. Different states have different laws about how and when a minor can possess a firearm.

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