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Old 09-16-2014, 07:58   #1
Mr. Awesome
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I'm guessing this Jailer did people right.

Nice to see the community come together, for this guy. Either the fellow inmate was well hated or the Jailer was very well respected.
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Old 09-16-2014, 08:21   #2
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I can't seem to get the video to play on that website. Oh well.

The one thing about inmates is that they are human also. Not everyone is in there for rape or murder. Some may be in there for lesser charges, such as DUI or Child Support. (On an aside, I've had so many inmates complain that if they were not drunk/under the influence that they would have never done what they were arrested for.)

Inmates are people too. I've dealt with more than a few incidents where one inmate starts to get angry with me and the other inmates yell at said inmate to settle down. A lot of them just want a nice quiet time.

But then, you do have the inmates who have anger issues, mental health issues, or just want to be "gangster." They are the ones I have to write the reports on.
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Old 09-16-2014, 10:47   #3
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Kudos to the first dude for stepping in. Yeah, they're people too, but we all know about diffusion of responsibility and the mob mentality, where nobody would do anything because they figure someone else will. That looked like a hell of a punch.
Fast forward 6 months for the DUI trial. Prosecutor is reviewing the booking room video and asks me why I am moon-walking while the drunk offender is hopping around in slow motion in a big white suit.
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Old 09-16-2014, 10:49   #4
Master Chief
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Hope he is ok.
They need weight control.
WTF took response so long? Must've seemed like forever for that officer.
Rob / Doc (Fleet Marine Force)
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Old 09-16-2014, 11:19   #5
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Looks like a low security area. It has to suck to be the inmate that attacked the officer.
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Old 09-16-2014, 15:42   #6
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Heeeeere, thuglet. Meet Mister Spit Hood.
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