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Sports team logos

I am not into sports and therefore never liked hats etc with sports team logos. And hard to find a baseball type cap without a sports team logos.

Initially I thought why wear clothing with a sports team logo, as it only give people I may not want to interact with and opportunity to start a conversation.

But now it seems people are attacking those who wear the team logos of opposing teams. The Giant fan is a recent case in point.

I was wondering if in your studies of deadly force encounters you know of any cases where a person was attacked, because of clothing with a sports logo and the person attacked used a firearm to defend himself. If so how did this case play out. Did the aggressor claim he was just talking sports and hey when you wear a sports team logo isn't that an invitation to talk sports. Then all of a sudden this guy shot me.

In short would wearing clothing with a sports team logo 1. potentially make you a target and 2. make it harder to say that you did not in any way initiate or encourage the encounter.
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Mas Ayoob
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As recent events show, it does happen. I haven't personally run across any that devolved into the intended victim shooting the assailant, but that of course doesn't mean that it's never happened.

Some big city cops will warn you about things like not wearing blue and red in places where Crips and Bloods take the wearing of signature colors seriously.

In most places, it ain't like you're parading through Harlem wearing Klan robes. Hard to see where it would compromise an innocent victim's defensibility if there was no demonstrable intent by the wearer to provoke confrontation.

Basically, don't go to a Gators game at the home stadium and yell "Gay Goaters!" while everyone around you is yelling "Go Gators!" and you'll probably be OK.

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