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Old 07-09-2014, 20:17   #1
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brass length never the same

I have used rem, win, fed, and few others. They are never the same length. And never the. 992". I have been using starline 10mm mags. That was all i could get back few monts ago when everthing was backordered. Can someone tell me the lenght on the 10mm auto starline. I need to order some new brass if there not 992". I will just trim the mags. I also need a new digital cailper. Any info on dillon or rcbs.
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Probably not the answer that you're looking for, but I don't find any benefit in uniform case length in a service cartridge. As long as they are less than max length, then good to go. It is true that there is an effect on crimp with different case lengths but not enough to make any practical difference. I do pay attention to length for rifle cartridges though.

I especially do not trim service cartridge brass since it tends to shrink in length over time. Starline is typically about .990" when new, and it will gradually shorten with repeated cycles of firing and re-sizing.

I like dial calipers. It seems like the same company makes a lot of them, and they are branded by RCBS, Cabelas, Lyman, Harbor Freight, etc. They are all identical save for the brand. The HF one is only about $13 so that is what I'd do if I needed one.
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Old 07-09-2014, 20:56   #3
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I grabbed 6 new Starline cases out of the bag and measured them all. They all were .987"

I grabbed a few that have had a few turns on them, after being sent through the G-Rx and then sized in my Dillon sizer, measured .989" If you don't pass through size them, as Tater noted, they shorten up as you reload them.

My last Digital Caliper I bought from Graf and Sons, I think it was their generic offering, like $35, works great. I used it to measure the new Starline cases.
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Old 07-10-2014, 17:16   #4
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I have found the same to be true ... I have a LOT of mixed target brass and its all over the place as far as case length. I don't worry about it too much. Its annoying with my .44 mag stuff because it affects where I crimp, and since I roll crimp my .44 stuff it makes some cartridges look funny when the case length is different but for 10mm (auto cartridges) I don't worry TOO much about it.

I THINK that .998" is the official length but I could be wrong. Any handloaders manual will tell you for sure. I don't have one handy.
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I agree with Taterhead and Nick. The 10mm was designed to headspace on the brass length in the chamber, but it won't matter if it's .020' short. Maybe as you approach .040 - .050" you could start seeing problems, but consider that a lot of people shoot 40S&W from their Glock 10's, where the extractor holds the case in place for firing, not the brass headspacing on the chamber as the autoloaders are designed to. If you have a Glock 10, you could theoretically reload any shorter length brass and still be OK.

Not sure how really short brass affects cycling reliability, since I'm not one of those who shoots 40S&W from my 10mm barrels. Maybe someone else with experience with it will post.

0.992" is SAAMI max. case length. Sierra's reloading manual lists their trim-to length at 0.987", but you don't have to trim them any shorter than 0.992"
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Short won't be a problem, I use 40SW brass all the time in my 10mm target loads. Too long and you will know right away as the gun won't go into battery.
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