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Old 08-12-2011, 18:36   #1
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Bushing Technical/Mechanical Questions

I was wondering, do bushings wear out? I'm sure they loosen over time. So the question is, how long do they last? How many bushings per barrel if they don't last, or one bushing per barrel? By they, I mean fit bushings. In theory, loose bushings work longer than fit? Let's define 'work' as combat accurate and reliable.

Next question. Bull barreled 1911's. Since they don't have bushings and tighten up front via the oversized barrel and lugs (am I on the right track?), the question: is this system more reliable than a bushing? Longer lasting?

I'm not researching to buy, just researching as a person interested in guns and their mechanisms.

Thanks for the inquiry!
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Old 08-12-2011, 18:54   #2
Jim Watson
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I can't put numbers to it but certainly a bushing is a wear part and so is the barrel. Gunsmith Bob Day said that a target pistol would wear loose before the bore was shot out and the gun could be refitted and continue to shoot well.

As to the bull barrel, it might wear longer but when it is worn, it is worn out with no way to replace a $15 bushing and tighten it back up.

Of course we are talking about tens of thousands of shots which will take a very active shooter to put on the gun and a very accurate shooter to tell the change.
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^^^pretty much what he said.

i don't think i (or most people) would shoot out a barrel fit at the rate i shoot, unless i only shoot 1 gun for a couple of years.
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Old 08-12-2011, 23:09   #4
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i just saw this on ar15 this evening!

i've heard what has been said here but i can add: bull barrels are a cost savings for the manufacturer(one less piece to fit); this is something i've heard.

i question: springfield puts bull barrels in their trp pistols(not cheap) but not in the professional model(really not cheap!).

if you look at 1911s made in the early 80s to early 90s i think most had conventional bushing/barrel setups. kind of like full length guide rods; professionals used these guns as they were originally designed for their intended purpose since 1911 w/o all this whoha! that being said, i have to admit that when i disassembled my trp for cleaning the guide rod had some weight to it(in my hand)but i didn't notice it while shooting since my current favorite 1911 is the operator(full lug).

i hope i made sense. i'm new to this part of the site and i'm trying to help out!
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Old 08-13-2011, 01:15   #5
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I remember Hilton Yam talking about a 1911 barrel being smoothbore except the last inch and shooting fine. I think some people take the accuracy thing a little too far.
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Old 08-13-2011, 05:24   #6
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Only the TRP operator gets a bull barrel. The professional doesn't because the FBI spec'd the gun.
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Jim S.
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I also wondered about this.
Seems as though changing a barrel and bushing could give a gun a lifetime of use several times over.
What happens when the slide wears and the barrel to slide fit is loose?
I would imagine the slide would wear before the barrel but I'm not sure of this.
I'm glad I like the traditional 1911's and probably will never have to find out through experience.
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