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Bilbo Bagins
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Originally Posted by BORNGEARHEAD View Post
The Chinese are already shipping out our water from the Great Lakes. It isn't coming back.
Son of a....Give us our water back

Survival/Preparedness Forum

Survival/Preparedness Forum

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Originally Posted by schild View Post

China has screwed up the water all over the county, think toxic crap.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
And how is this? A secret invisible pipeline?

The chinese aren't short of water, and only a tinfoil hat paranoid would believe that. especially considering they've built the 3 gorges damn on the Yangtze.

The great Lakes don't have a shortage of water and its not like water won't go where it wants and come back at will. Like they're what...sneaking it out in suitcases and locking it up where it won't evaporate and come back as rainfall?

Its a conspiracy i tell ya

China used to ship out water directly from the great lakes in vessels with HUGE holding tanks. After we stopped them from taking it directly as water, they starting shipping it through bottling companies as a product aka Nestle. Then we stopped Nestle from taking it directly from the Great Lakes. Then they set up shop off the way and added a pipeline to the Lakes. It IS happening.
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