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Old 09-29-2011, 13:04   #1
Pro 2A
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Self-defense case going to Grand Jury?

This woman is only alive because she was able to protect herself and her children at 4:30 am in her own apartment when a protection order couldn't. The police said "it's self-defense" after taking her in for questioning, which I can easily understand. But they also said in a press release that the case is going to the Grand Jury? If they think it was self-defense and they drove her home after questioning her, wy is it going to GJ?

This is why I have a membership in the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network.

Story is found here:

and here:

The newspaper article also published her full name AND her full address along with her age and the ages of her kids! And how much you want to bet her gun was taken as evidence? I hope she has friends or relatives to stay with till the anti-gun nuts move on to other victims.
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It is isn't the job of the police to determine whether it was self-defense or not. That's the prosecutor's office, or in this case, the GJ. I hope the GJ isn't full of anti-gun nuts...

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Completely irrespective of all other issues, this:
The newspaper article also published her full name AND her full address along with her age and the ages of her kids!
is effing INexcusable, imo.
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