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Old 10-13-2011, 20:12   #1
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Would you like meth with that hotdog?
I wonder if your assessment of "The Wizard of Oz" would sound something like "A teenaged orphan runs away with three psychotic AD/HD patients and a little dog. She kills the first two women she meets." --Sinecure 07/03/2006
Freakin' awsome!! Kickin it old school. Hot sheet on the dash. The report was probably only two sentences. Long live Rencko and Bobbie Hill!--WhiskeyT
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Why can't we get a machine gun/hotdog vendor in my neighborhood? I can certainly live without the meth but how convenient is a one stop shop for full auto weapons and hotdogs.
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They had to find a way to dispose of those "Fast and Furious" guns back up here North of the border somehow!! C'mon, give 'em a little credit for making the Justice Dept look even more inept -They smuggled them guns across the border TWICE, without getting caught until selling them!
Glock Commemoratives

I want to buy your commemorative Glock! Looking for: FBI 100yr, Bell Helo, FOP Lodge1, Kiowa Warrior, SCI, and any new/unknown-to-me commemoratives.
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