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No more junk...

Sold off half of my watch collection for some nicer stuff...Right hand side is the latest, the left hand side for comparison. If I buy another watch...It will be a Patek or something in that price range.

Back to the watches at hand, the Daylight chrono is named after Stallone's movie, which started the whole Panerai phenomenon. It was the first Panerai I was introduced to about 5 years ago. I thought it was hideous and was almost mad that the sales guy showed it to me. I don't know what made me mad more, the looks of the watch or the price. The watch he showed me was a Daylight prototype that had a "test movement" that worked so well, Panerai kept it in there. It also had a see through case back. The one I just acquired does not have a see through case back and there is nothing special about it, but is a production model. I wish I could go back in time...

One other cool feature about the Daylight model is that it has a date corrector on the top left side. It looks similar to the gas release on a Rolex Submariner. When the 1st of the month comes around, just push the button until the date is correct.

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Very nice!!
Look, we whipped the World's ass at the Olympics, we have an effin SUV rolling around on Mars, and now our Flag has a confirmed kill. How great is that?
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Very nice!!! I was in Chicago this past summer and it seems like you couldn't throw a stick without hitting a Panerai dealer on Michigan Ave. Definitely made me want one..... badly!!!
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