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wolf barrel problems

Hello, I plan on doing some 10mm deer hunting this year and purchaced a Wolf 6 inch barrell. (Ohio requires a 5 inch min.) The gun shot fine stock, but yesterday while shooting the gun with the new wolf barrel it repeatedly failed to go into battery. If I shot very light Prvi ammo (950 fps out if a 6 inch) it worked ok, but Rem would malfuntion every time. So I tested Silver tip and DT 200 gr , all gave problems. It only took a slight push to get it into battery. Some times it hesitated then went into battery slowly.

I friend of mine suggested heaver springs , but I don't think this is the problem. This is why I don't like useing after market stuff. If I cant resolve this I'm going to go with a glock 6 inch barrel and just eat the loss. Any one have any suggestions?
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My stock length does the exact same thing, sometimes a tap to the back of the slide would fix it, other times it wouldnt and I had to pull back on the slide slightly to get it to pop up and go in. I use a 22lb spring, it doesnt help. The top of the chamber needs to be polished, you should be able to look in there and see where the bullet is hitting as it goes into the chamber, if that doesnt work the ramp may need to be polished. Ill inlcude a link to the thread I started about it...
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