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Convert Lee FL die to body die? Want Lee neck collet/body die. 50 BMG

Let me preface this with the fact that I could be crazy. I'm a relatively new reloader so I could be way off base. But I'm trying to pick out 50 BMG reloading gear and this is a thought I had.

I'm buying my reloading gear and had considered the Lee 50 BMG kit. But I wanted to use their 50 BMG neck collet die, and then a body die, two step sizing. I could be way off base, as I'm a new reloader. But if somebody reamed out the portion of the Lee full length sizer die that touches the neck, and I bought their 50 BMG neck collet die, would that make concentric 50 bmg ammo?

I recently bought 21 st century concentricity gauge and saw my avg runout on 223 rounds were about 4-5 thou using my redding deluxe 3 die set. I bought Lee neck collet die, a redding body die, and forster ultra seater. Runout now about one thou. The majority of the initial runout was sizing induced. My thought with the Lee 50 BMG kit was to do the same. But they don't sell body die and refused to make me one. The threads on that press are proprietary so I couldn't get anyone else's body die, or a custom body die made that I'm aware of.

Again, could be my lack of experience. But is this Lee neck collet die in conjunction with my hypothetical Lee body die a possible way to make high quality and highly concentric 50 BMG ammo? This approach recently did wonders to my 223 ammo and I've since shot a 0.172", my best group ever.

Is this a modification someone could do to my full sizing Lee die if I bought the Lee 50 BMG kit? Making a body die from the FL die provided, essentially just assuring it doesn't touch the neck. That i will have presumably just made perfect with the 50 BMG Lee neck collet die. Or is there someone that would just make a custom body die that would fit the Lee press threading, that is proprietary.

Again, I'm pretty new to reloading and am just starting to figure out what to buy regarding loading 50 BMG. Have only bought brass at this point. I have exchanged several emails with Lee customer service this past week and they said to buy my gear elsewhere as they could not help me. What's puzzling is they offer a Lee neck collet die but acted clueless to the efficacy of offering or making a body die to go with it. The body die will bump shoulders back and resize the base/web, without touching the neck in any way. That's all I wanted.

Is this possible or is my limited reloading experience at fault?

Thanks for your thoughts at any rate.

The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.
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