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My Post To My Facebook Page Today

I had seen a number of FB posts today with negative connotations about the NRA and supporters of the 2nd Amendment by gun control supporters. I kind of got tired of it. In response to those posts I decided to post something of my own to FB. I thought I would share it here ... I hope this is the right forum area for this, if not I apologize as I am new to this forum. ---

"Are we not fortunate to have the 1st Amendment?

Some of the outbursts in support of the 2nd Amendment have been emotional. Our 2nd Amendment right as well as other Amendments as laid forth in our Constitution is something that many of us feel strongly about. I would venture to say that on almost ANY issue that one feels strongly about could and would likely elicit an emotional response. Is the NRA a perfect organization? Please name me one organization that IS perfect. The NRA currently is the largest organization we have supporting and fighting to maintain our 2nd Amendment. Are they perfect? No. Is our government perfect? No. I could go on and on, as NO organization is perfect. Politics are a dirty business; agendas are pushed behind open and closed doors. Backroom deals are made and those agendas are bombarding the mainstream media. Tragedies are being exploited in rapid succession by our government and the mainstream media is set to capitalize on peopleís emotions while they are fresh and close to the surface.

Yes, some people who believe and vigorously support our 2nd Amendment right are emotional, and yes some have been labeled kooks, however to lump every American who supports our 2nd Amendment in with those others is unfair at best. Why are we Americans who believe strongly in our Constitutionís 2nd Amendment the kooks? If we continue placing limits on our 2nd Amendment it would contribute to the erosion of that Amendment. With that logic and willingness to do away with, or put such restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, why donít we also go ahead and do away with the other Amendments while we are at it like the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th and 19th to start? If you are not sure what they are you can look them up. In fact, please do so because they are all important!

I have a suspicion that some Americans who believe in the 13th Amendment feel pretty strongly about keeping it intact in every way, shape and form. I believe that people who support the 13th would feel and likely respond emotionally if we talked about supporting any changes that could erode that Amendment and reinstate slavery. I also believe that if we nixed the 19th Amendment or started putting restrictions on the age a woman can vote, or take away her right altogether it would elicit some emotional responses from some of you. Do you think it is just a coincidence that the right to bear arms is second only to the 1st Amendment?

There are many problems in our society; however taking action to erode the important 2nd Amendment is the wrong path, long-term. Our founding fathers created the 2nd Amendment for a reason and as history continues to demonstrate, history repeats itself. Our country is on the down-slope of the bell curve, how far down remains to be seen. Look around us; donít let any of our liberties be taken for granted or infringed upon. We are a divided nation and that division is destroying us from the inside. I for one believe in standing with everyone protecting all of our Amendments, not just the 2nd. Because many supporters of our Constitution have been vocal lately, please understand that we are fighting to protect our Constitution. It is clear which part currently is under attack. Because many of us are stepping up and making our voices heard and trying to get every other American citizen who believes in the Constitution to raiser our voices and be heard, we are labeled kooks. We are YOU, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Photographers, Artists, Police Officers, Soldiers, Waitresses, Plumbers, Beauticians, Cooks, and Laborers et al.

With the fall of the 2nd Amendment, so shall fall all others."
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