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Conceal Carry Application question

Hello All,

I'm finally taking my conceal carry class tomorrow and of course will be applying for my permit (in Wake County) shortly thereafter. I was just curious what kind of information I need to know for the application, such as how many years back will I need to know residence addresses, work address, do I need a copy of a birth certificate. Things of that nature. Any information is appreciated. Also any have some good ideas for carry guns? I currently have a full size Glock 22 and am thinking its just going to be a little too big to carry daily.

Thanks all!
Glock 22
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I would suggest you look on your state/county's ccw website. Ours is linked to our state patrol website.
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NC Bullseye
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Here is the NC statute that tells you what the requirements are. http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/EnactedL...14-415.12.html

As a side note, if you're taking your class tomorrow you should write down any questions you have about concealed carry or the laws governing the use of deadly force. The class is usually pretty fast paced and you can get sidetracked from your questions pretty quick if you don't have them written down. Get a good nights rest and enjoy the class. There's a ton of info that will be covered and don't hesitate to ask ANY questions.

Good luck!
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Here is a link to the Wake County Sheriffs page for CCW Permits.

You probably got a lot of information at your class. If they didn't provide Wake County specific information it will be on the link page.
If you do a search in this forum for Wake County Permit I'm sure you will get what you need. Others have posted some great helpful info.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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