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10 fan
10 fan
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I'm not sure why but my first semiauto handgun was a Gen 2 G20 in 1991 and have sense bought a Gen 2 G29,Gen 3 G29,Gen 3 G20SF with NO regrets.(Last 2 on my CA CCW) My question is ammo selection. I carry Double Tap 180gr Bonded Defense at my chrono'd AV of 1180fps.It's listed as 1305fps. With no specs to look at how do I know what is the best ammo to use for SD (performance and over penatration)? This is my EDC ,85% G20,15% G29.I use to think winchester ST 175gr was my best bet until I checked and read about it myself.I find low velocity and claimed superman ammo for sale.I am looking for SD ammo (GOOD ON THE STREET,GOOD IN COURT) Thanks in advance even if there is no good answer. Can't wait to get in one of your classes(come to SO. CA.)
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Mas Ayoob
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Coming to Sacramento this spring, close as I can get this year.

Winchester Silvertip has earned a good track record. There just aren't a lot of 10mm loads out there in the field being used in actual shootings and building up a data base.

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