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Old 02-16-2013, 23:05   #1
50 Cent
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Rossi vs Charter Arms

So I check with my local Academy Sports today to see how sparse ammo was and was sorta surprised to see plenty of .38 spl ammo in Monarch or WWB. I mainly carry a 642 so thats cool. No .357/9mm/.45/.22 LR...although the clerk admitted they had lots of 9mm in the morning after the Friday shipment arrived...for about 30 min. Now all gone.

Gun selection pretty thin too - which brings me to my next question:

Saw both a Rossi 3" bbl .44 mag and a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 spl. Clerk admitted both had been on the shelves for about a month with no takers - $369 for the Rossi and $399 for the Charter. Sign of the times price-wise I guess.

I've always been interested in the .44 spl as a carry round, and am leaning to the Rossi, but am interested in hearing opinions. I'm in no hurry - I'm not crazy about about buying a revolver that I can't get ammo for, but if you were interested in getting either for .44 spl, which one would you go with?

Yeah I know - carried alot - shot a little - maybe a box a month. The Rossi was kinda nice looking with a dark black finish. The fit and finish and construction on the Charter surprisingly looked pretty good and was a good weight for carry.
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Boot Stomper
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Someone help this guy out......

I personally have no experience with either gun maker, but either way you are likely safe.

You will likely have more folks say go with the Rossi, but Rossi is now owned by Taurus. Taurus has a love it or hate it reputatutation.

I would buy a Charter Arms. They seem to be making a quality product under the current management. Charter has a long turn over history with regards to management/ownership.

IMO a 44 mag is going to be heavy for conceal carry, but it can be done. 38 special or 357 mag would be a more popular choice if you want to carry a revolver.

Sorry I could not be more of a help. Good luck.

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Old 02-17-2013, 15:00   #3
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By coincidence I have my Charter Bulldog on right now. I had a lot of experience with the original in the early 80s and, again by coincidence I have it because of a Rossi.
I have to explain.

I was at a gunshop out of town and handled a Rossi 3". I liked it, and the wife and I have several Taurus and one Rossi revolver no problems. I knew the Rossi was not the light weight that the Charter is but I think the 3" barrel is perfect for carry and gives a longer sight radius that I appreciate. At the time the Charter 3" Classic wasn't reintroduced yet. I debated that Rossi long and hard, but I passed. I came home and stewed on it for a while. I called the shop and the Rossi was gone. I caved and bought a new short barreled bulldog----6 weeks later they announced the return of the 3" Charter GRRRRRR.

SOOOO as it applies to the OP, If it were me, I would go by the barrel length if the Charter is the Pug I would hold them both and decide if I was comfortable with the weight of the Rossi (it does make it a bit easier to shoot) If they are both 3"'ers I would go with the Charter and have the best of both. BTW Charter actions smooth up nicely with use. Many are put off by the initial "new" feel, don't worry it gets better.

Sorry if this was long, but there were lot of factors. The extra inch of sight radius is really that important in barrels that short.
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