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Old 03-18-2012, 13:09   #1
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LCR .357 Concern

I just got my new Ruger LCR .357 on the 15th, took it to the range on the 16th to put it through its paces. I decided to start out with some Winchester 125gn fmj. The first shot seemed rather stout for a typically soft shooting target round. I shot about 20 rounds before deciding to step up to some Remington 125gn .357.
Now, I am not new to shooting .357 out of small frame guns. I expected wicked recoil, but what I didn't expect was the feeling of a metal bat being swung full on at my right hand! I was only able to shoot about 20 of these before ending my session.
Accuracy was like a shotgun. I knew something just wasn't right here.
When I got home, I took a closer look at the fired cases and noticed that on about every one out of 2-3 cases, there were fractures near the case head right about beneath where the extracting star sits on the cylinder. Even the soft .38's had the same splits. I noticed on the cases that didn't split, a fine line like a scratch can be seen exactly where the splits appear on the split cases.
What could be going on here and what should I do? This is a brand new gun. Should I call Ruger or just take it back to the shop. This thing feels like a grenade waiting to go off. This totally sucks!!
Could a problem like this have an effect on recoil and accuracy?

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Old 03-18-2012, 15:44   #2
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If it's convenient I would take it back to the shop. If they're a good shop they will take care of sending it back to Ruger for you. Mailing a handgun can be a pain.
My LCR 38 doesn't do that but I do notice a slight bulge in the cases (no splits) in the same place when I shoot my LCR 22.

That problem wouldn't have an affect on accuracy.
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Old 03-19-2012, 13:48   #3
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The recoil sounds about right - I am good for 10-15 rounds of .357 defensive loads in a 13oz. J-frame before I call it a day.

I would contact Ruger about the splits in the brass.
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Old 04-15-2012, 11:19   #4
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Vallejo, California
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Brought LCR back to the shop along with some samples of the split cases. They sent it back to Ruger the next day. About 2 weeks later it was back at the shop. Ruger replaced the cylinder and extractor. Took it to the range and fired about 60 .357 rounds (various handloads, some factory remington 125) problem solved!! No split cases at all.
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