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Need some advice

I am an old guy that carried a 1911 while in the US was really the first handgun I ever shot. I have a Series 70 and a Series 80 Gold cup. Also, have a HiPower and a 92F......recently my son and his wife have been wearing out a Glock 19 and I must admit it is great. I have a CHL but very rarely carry concealed but I do carry in my pickup or while traveling. The Glock seems to go bang everytime you pull the 1911's can be a little tricky if not well oiled. I have been thinking about a Glock 45 acp for carry and SD.....Model 21 I it as reliable as my son's 19 ??? What do y'all think ??


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Yes, every bit as reliable, but bigger. If you want one closer in size to the 19, go with the 30.

There are also the .45 gap pistols, which give you a smaller grip if you like (as long as you don't mind dumping the acp for the gap), as well as the slim frame options for the 21 or 30, and last but not least, the 36..

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The G21 is an excellent choice. You might consider the G21 SF version

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Glock 21 sounds like exactly the ticket for you! Yes indeed!
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30sf is the gun to get, smaller than the 21, very controllable, can use 21 mags, and will go bang everytime.
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The problem I have with the 30 is that it is a subcompact, so you only have two fingers on the grip itself. Which I can not deal with, so I carry a 21SF. You may like the 36 better since it is a single stack mag like your 1911. If you have large hands the standard 21 may work for you but most people I've talked to really like the SF version, it's amazing how much that 1/8 in difference in trigger reach matters.
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For a truck gun I'd go with the 21. For concealed carry I'd go with the 30 or 36 and yes the 45 Glocks are just as reliable as the 9mm.
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+1 on g30. I own a few very nice 1911s and love them all but I carry one of my Glock's 99% of the time. I like the fact that no matter what it will go bang. My new G30sf has now become my favorite replacing my G19 for EDC.

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Originally Posted by jumbeaux View Post
I have been thinking about a Glock 45 acp for carry and SD.....Model 21 I it as reliable as my son's 19 ??? What do y'all think ??


All Glocks are reliable. Ever seen the Glock toture test? A guy put his Glock through h*ll, buried it for a year and put it in everything from baby powder to potting soil and playing sand. It still shot like it had just been cleaned.

They're easy to use, they're easy to clean and reliable. What else could ya want?
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