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Using a .38 spl revolver in an ankle hoslter as primary carry???

Hi Mas,
Love this forum! To have you and your years of expertise a mouse clique away is awesome!

My question is. . .Not that I plan on getting into one, but since most fights wind up on the ground wouldn't it be a good idea to carry a weapon in a holster on the ankle? And the weapon on the ankle should be a revolver because more likely then not, after taking or giving a couple of strikes to the face, you would be shoving the barrel of said revolver into your attackers side/ gut/ leg etc. and pulling the trigger till "click."
And a revolver would work better in that situation then a semi-auto.
My other consideration in carrying on the ankle is just to give my hips/ waist a rest from carrying my duty weapon, a H&K P2000.

I have been considering using a Ruger LCR with PDX plus-P ammo.

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Mas Ayoob
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Lots of good reasoning on your part. Ankle rig is indeed fast to get to when you're down on your back (or seated, as when driving a car). And a revolver does indeed survive the press-contact shot and keep firing, which is not true of most auto pistols.

However, while a lot of hand to hand fights do go to the ground, a majority of the gunfights I've reviewed have involved distance, with participants drawing their weapons from standing positions. Ankle draw definitely puts you behind the curve in that situation.

Might want to compromise with the LCR in an ankle holster for backup. If the weight of the HK on your hip is causing physical problems, you might want to explore a shoulder holster, or a good pair of suspenders to augment your belt and get some of the pressure off the hips and lumbar area.

Your .38 load is a promising one, and well-discussed here by two of GT's most knowledgeable contributors: http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/show....php?t=1409615

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