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CEP = politically correct HP

Had a nice chat with a NYS Trooper today. As we got talking about carry ammo, he described his as "Speer Gold Dot Controlled Expansion Projectiles" Wasn't allowed to use the term "Hollow Point" if testifying in court.

Political Correctness can't be that bad in most of the other 49 states, can it?
VOTE November 4. And keep in mind: candidates who want to pass laws that further restrict Law Abiding Citizens, are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to curb the problem of gun violence by felons!.
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Mas Ayoob
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ADK, I gotta go with the trooper on this. "Controlled expansion round" became police terminology because the opening bullet reduces over-penetration and reduces ricochet, and has other tactial, life-saving advantages. "Controlled expansion round" was a neutral term, widely adopted to help counter the hysterical "dum-dum bullet" terminology that came out in the early 1970s, and is still encountered today.

It's less about "political correctness" than about explaining reality in neutral terms that counter the inflammatory rhetoric of those who oppose the legitimate use of defensive force.

Sad, but necessary...

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