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Ruble Noon
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60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero To Fix Mail Service

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Well, y'know they wanna get credit for naming those PO's before they close 'em ....

They'd created a vast, permanently unemployed underclass, dependent upon the Republic's stupendous welfare machine for its very existence, and in so doing, they'd sown the seeds of their own destruction. No one could place two-thirds of a world's population on the Dole and keep them there forever without the entire system crashing . . . but how in hell did one get them off the Dole? -David Weber, Flag in Exile
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This is the problem with the USPS. Every cluster of houses with a politician willing to drop pork in his district to get elected hits him up to name a PO for some dude nobody gives a **** about 10 miles from the building. They need to start closing a lot of rural and even some suburban POs. Then drop Sat delivery. It might even be worthwhile to drop processing down to M-F, 9-5. If you want it faster go to FedEx or UPS.
I wonder if your assessment of "The Wizard of Oz" would sound something like "A teenaged orphan runs away with three psychotic AD/HD patients and a little dog. She kills the first two women she meets." --Sinecure 07/03/2006
Freakin' awsome!! Kickin it old school. Hot sheet on the dash. The report was probably only two sentences. Long live Rencko and Bobbie Hill!--WhiskeyT
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"But USPS can't cut delivery without Congressional approval, and partisan disagreements over whether Congress should take control of USPS's operations until it is solvent again or if it should leave the decision making to the postmaster general have halted any action on Capitol Hill."

Congress taking control of the post office? Yeah..there is a great idea...

"The Postal Service has pleaded with Congress for years to end the requirement that it pre-fund its retiree's health benefits. But many lawmakers claim that because USPS has such a massive workforce - there are 614,000 Postal Service employees-if it does not pre-fund retirement benefits, it will not be able to pay them in the future"

The problem isn't the prefunding requirement...the problem is the retiree's health benefits they pay for in the first place.

Pensions and retiree health packages are crippling every city and state in this country. I forget the name, but the city in California which just filed bankrutpcy said its main culpret was the fact the city council voted in (for itself as well mind you) FREE FULL medical coverage for life?

But the biggest problem with the USPS is simple: its an outdated business model providing a service which is the equivalent of selling tape players. Sure, I still have a box of old cassette tapes somewhere - but I haven't looked at them in decades.

I think I will do an experiment for this month and see exactly how many pieces of mail I get which aren't junk or couldn't be delivered via email. I bet its less than 5
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"
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