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Getting to max load?

Hey all!

I've been loading the 10mm for a while now for my G29sf using my Blue Dot powder that I have sitting around. I normally load 180gr hollow point over 10.4gr of BD using a CCI 300 primer.

I've been reading around and looking at different recipes, and wanted to try the combo with the CCI 350 mag primers. I recently loaded 180gr Speer GDHP over 10.0gr BD with CCI 350. These were probably the hottest loads I shot through the G29 and I didn't shoot many.

I am not getting smileys, but there is a definite case deformation at the throat of the chamber, and I am not getting any primer push or burn out. I am assuming that this is just about the max that I can shoot these loads at?

The other thing is that I also seem to be getting a lot of unburned powder blown out of the barrel, so even with the magnum primer I'm not getting complete burn. Part of my thinking was that the magnum primer, being more spark, will burn more of the powder in the shorter barrel of my glock. Is there a way, besides just repetitive testing, to know where the max burn load is so that all of the powder is being consumed?

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Blue Dot likes to be run HOT to get the best burn from it. Blue Dot also works better from longer barrels. I see a few flakes with my Glock 29 using lighter loads but most of it burns better on the upper end loads. I have used CCI 350's with many loads to obtain a better ignition but bullet tension helps the most.

I load the 200 XTP over 10.5 grains Blue Dot CCI350 COAL 1.260", as a hot load for mine with accetable case expansion (NO Smiley) from the stock G-29 barrel.

Power Pistol gave better velocities from the short barrel using less powder.
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For my G29SF, I have loaded up to 11.0 grs of BD over 180gr FMJ's and XTP's using both WLP and CCI 350's, no issues other than primers just starting to flow and some extractor rash. Case heads are definitely bulged but no smiles. A very accurate load, stout but not nuclear.
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Wow, sorry it took me this long to reply. I really appreciate the feedback guys! About the time I posted this my engineering classes piled up, just now getting through finals and resurfacing!! I'll have to do some reloading over the upcoming break....
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10mm, g29
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