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Old 11-26-2012, 17:26   #21
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Originally Posted by BuzznRose View Post
I didn't like the protests either, but don't buy for a minute BHO gave a dang about the fallen serviceman. He signed it because it might give him some votes PLUS it's another poke in the eye of the Constitution.

My biggest regret in 28 years of military service was that BHO signed my retirement certificate!

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Old 11-26-2012, 17:45   #22
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I did not vote for obama. However I must give credit where it is due. These westboro nuts abuse the first amendment. He may still destroy our country, but I think he done the right thing on this one.
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Old 11-26-2012, 18:21   #23
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I despise these Westboro protesters and their methods. I however respect their rights to do so as long as they are peaceful. The law may not be constitutional.
The na at the end of banana annoys me. At least I'm glad it's not bananana.
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Old 11-26-2012, 21:38   #24
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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
i think its a win for my fellow soldiers and some of which i lost in afghanistan and their families to know that they dont have to deal with the sorrow and insanity of fools celebrating the heartache a soldiers' family is going thru in the wake of their loss. you people hate the president so much you dont support anything he does for any american. its sad really. so much hate in your hearts for the man.
You're kidding right? Did you even listen to the oath you took? Plain speech is easy to defend. Inflammatory speech like westburo or the klan or lewie pharokan is the important ones to defend.

Personally I hope all the folks I mentioned die in a fiery bus crash. But until they do, they still have a right to spew their venom. And God bless the freedom riders that counter protest.
Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium. - I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.
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Old 11-28-2012, 02:36   #25
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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
nothing the man does is of good intent, right? but oh im sure Dubya was true in his intentions wasnt he? give me a break.
So it's ok to violate the constitutional rights of those we don't agree with. Yea, you're brilliant ! I hope now we can do the same to the gays and the baby killers who protest because I don't like what they have to say either ! Yes that would make my day !
Proud bigot and low level terrorist, According to the federal government, And proud of it!

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Old 12-04-2012, 12:48   #26
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The Westboro crowd disgusts me, but this is exactly why we have a first amendment... to protect unpopular speech. There is no need for laws (or constitutional provisions) to protect speech or protests or ideas everyone agrees with. Same is true of the OWS twits. I think they're morons, but so long as they obey the law (which they're not too good at) they have a right to express their views.

Nobody respects the military or those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country more than I do. These people died to protect the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, including the rights of a-holes to express their views.

To my mind, the greatest thing about the first amendment is it allows idiots and low-life scum to self-identify... and they can't help themselves... they do it every time. That way the rest of us know who they are and can avoid them like the plague.
When did ignorance become a point of view?
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Old 12-24-2012, 17:54   #27
Zombie Surgeon
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A leftist moron celebrates infringement against free speech. Move along, nothing new to see here.

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Old 12-24-2012, 18:37   #28
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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
Honoring America's Veterans Act

wonder how the Faux News pundits will cover this? what kinda spin will they put on this one? moreover, will republicans support the president's signing of this bill? or will they play it off and call him a muslim, communist, etc... the same old tired moronic rhetoric we've heard since day one. today and this act was a win for America and all of us serving our country in the US military. proud of my commander in chief.
Yeah, he really went out on a limb there, signing a law he knows won't be enforceable, going against one of the most hated groups in America and one which, coincidentally, is on the far right. What's next? Maybe the "KKK is bad" resolution?
Anti-gun liberals can only call us idiots; it takes an idiot with a gun to prove them right.
- Me, 2014.
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