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Polymer Guns

Hi Mas,

This question is not about SD and ammo but, it's a question regarding polymer guns in fire proof safes. It seems like everyone has a different answer to the question so, I figured who better to ask than a firearm expert.
I'm searching for gun safes and have been doing a lot of research. I'm not asking on the safe side but, on the firearm side. The question is on fire rated safes go about an hour in 1700 degrees and the inside of the safe remains a inside temp of about 350 degrees which brings up the question will a polymer gun such as Glocks and Rugers SR series hold up at that temp. If the polymer firearm wont hold up in 350 degree temps then I would save the extra cash by going with a non fire rated safe. I know your not a safe salesman but, asking on the firearm in your opinion.

Thank You
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Mas Ayoob
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mikiep, I'm afraid you've asked the wrong guy. You'll need to touch bases with those in the firefighting field and fire protection field about that, and I ain't one of those guys.

That said, though, flame resistance ain't one of my own priorities in firearms selection. Stuff I can't afford to lose if my house burns is in my safe deposit box, 'cause I hope the damn bank is more fire-resistant than my home...

Can't resist adding this:

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