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Originally Posted by hpracing007 View Post
great post ya'll... helpful to me. Some inspiring, some very funny.

Last, if anyone is single, and wants to meet chicks... this is the way to go. I think guys are hardheaded, at least i was, and don't need tutoring. Both chicks are hot to answer PB's question but I'm in a relationship.
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Smile, take their money, keep your mouth shut, let their future husbands suffer
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Originally Posted by collim1 View Post
I still wake up sweating a few times a year and jump out of bed thinking I am late for a final or have a paper due in a few hours, and its been years since I graduated.
I still have dreams that I have to go to class, but can't remember where/when the class meets...and I've been out of college about 20 years.

As for the students, they're being lazy. When I think of tutoring, I think a person to answer questions or help the student understand topics/concepts they aren't getting on their own. If they want you to give them a 1 on 1 lecture of the material, that's going to be time consuming...but if you have the time and they have the $, is it a problem? Ideally, they should have read the material and come to you with questions about it.
what guns?
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