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Some real but depressing numbers on the economy..
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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. George Bernard Shaw
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14% sounds about right.
So many people have given up, filed for Disability, or are working under the table on some scam or another that we have continued to slide down this slippery slope.
We will lose our work ethic if we dont get it back together soon.
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The economy has been worse during the so called "recovery" than it was during the relatively short recession!

And get ready for the 2% tax increase coming Jan 1, regardless of what your income is.

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I drive about half an hour each way to work from a very small town to a small city. I take several routes because I get bored easy. It is shocking how many homes have gone empty in the last couple of years. Run down starter homes and McMansions that sit on a dozen acres or more. Farm houses built in the 80's where the land is being worked but the home is falling down. There is one that breaks my heart every time I see it, it used to belong to a successfull plumbing contractor. It is a classic big brick farm house, three stories tall with formerly nice outbuildings. The roof is caving in from neglect, the trees are broken from storms and the grass hasn't been cut in at least two years. If houses were selling they would be selling for a song but no one is buying out of fear.

There ain't no recovery because the government is stopping it. If they had let nature take it's course instead of trying to prop up consumer spending with stimulus money we would probably be past this by now.
Decent law abiding people must fear criminals and the law while criminals have nothing to fear.
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