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Old 09-01-2012, 01:38   #1
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Any problems adjusting to civilian life?

I served from 2006-2010 as a box kicker, but I decided to get out and go to college as it was my primary goal for joining the Corps. I had trouble adjusting to the disrespectful ppl in college and other areas. I have been asked questions by my peers like "have you had to shoot at someone?" and other questions I do not want to share with them. Even though I did not see combat when I was in the sand box, i still prefer to keep my experiences for myself. I sometimes felt like drop kicking some of these ppl but then I remember it's not the Marine Corps I can no longer do that.

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Never served. Teach college. I respect all my guy and gal students that have served, regardless of where and when. Most of these folks come talk to me and have the same issues you've described. Some open up to me without my prodding, most do not. When these folks are bombarded by innane questions, I try to intercede on their behalf and let the civilian masses know these are improper question to ask. Why do they ask these stupid questions? I think it's partly morbid curiosity, not knowing "etiquette" and a large dose of stupid.

Thanks for your service and having the nads to do what most of my students didn't....
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Old 09-02-2012, 09:45   #3
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You have to understand that the only people who really understand Marines are other Marines and those we eliminate in combat.

Whether you are in or out of the Corps you will meet people (civilians )such as those that are bothering you.

My Company Gunny once said as you swim upstream against the current, crap will float towards you. Simply swim breast stroke and push it aside and keep going.

Semper FI Marine

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lethal tupperwa
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I remember my uncle after something like 29 years,

Told me about applying for a job with a construction company.

He was asked if he could take down a building without damaging the traffic,

He said, my training was to take as much traffic with the building as possible.

He did not get the job and ended up teaching at a college.
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Tom Kanik
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After all these years, it's why I love living in rural Missouri. I don't bother anybody, and nobody bothers me. And I used to live in the greater Chicago area many years ago.
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