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Kinda surreal --- beer bottles, backlit by streetlights, pinwheeling through the air and crashing on the roofs of patrol cars.

A couple of our guys decided to ticket a bunch of cars parked along a street in a dicey neighborhood ... in front of a dicey bar ... just as the bar was closing.

We were in the office finishing up an arrest when the radio lit up asking for everyone, all units/all districts. I managed to make sparks jumping over the curb coming out of the parking lot, scaring the crap out of my copilot.

When we got there everyone grabbed nightsticks and ran toward the fun. The partygoers that didn't book were booked. Blue from all over the city showed up.

And that was always the way of it. Regardless of rivalries, race, personalities, or politics, our guys and girls would risk their lives getting to an immediate assistance call. An all units/all districts was an epileptic's nightmare with a parade of flashing lights coming from all directions. The bad guys could expect immediate and intense response. Interesting how many units suddenly became "available".

Always made me proud.
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Originally Posted by Goldendog Redux View Post
A couple days ago I think my transmission was "send everybody" All went well but it was a little sketchy at first.
I used the same after an officer involved shooting, but since it was at 0400 hours, and I work in a small town, everyone else was in bed. So, the dispatcher, who was a bit stressed out, started calling them out in the order that they are pre-programmed into the phone bank:

1st call: Sheriff. Good guy, but he was in his late sixties
2nd call: Chief Deputy. Excellent guy, but he lives forty five miles away.
3rd call: Deputy who lived twenty miles away.

It wasn't until the 4th call that she hit someone who lived in the town that the shooting took place in.

NOTE: The dispatcher working was really good. But, she was on the phone with the reporting party when the shooting happened, and heard the yelling and then the gunshots. It kinda freaked her out.
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