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how the heck to dehumidify my safe

So I live half a block from the beach and have had a terrible terrible time trying to keep the safe dehumidified. I have a golden rod AND some little white pebble moisture absorber jar thing and it's still pretty terrible. I'm not sure what else I can do other than seal off the room and get a big loud room dehumidifier.

Anyone know of a small active dehumidifier that I could put on a shelf in the safe that will work better??
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You might just want to look into a room dehumidifier.

Dessicant will absorb moisture, until it is saturated, happens quickly.

Goldenrods and other heaters don't do much to reduce moisture, they just raise them temp up above the dew point so you don't get condensation.
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Look at Evadry
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Just google "dessicant."
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**Whoops, dumb.. missed that you said you had a golden rod already.. I'm doing bad today.

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Just uploaded this recently,

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When you get those little packets that say "Do not eat" put those in your safe.

Been doing that for yrs. Rust free.
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I use a Star brite [/U] No Damp dehumidifier in my safe 2 blocks fom the beach, btw
It uses the pebbles that absorb airborne moisture
Works great
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You may not believe this but silica beads like those in some kitty litters is the same as dessicants used for moisture control in packing and storage. The ones that have the clear crystal look, not the clay kind.

Cigar collectors use them to regulate humidity in large humidors and coolers where they store cigars for years. In that case, they mist them with distilled water to hold the humidity higher.

To hold humidity down place the beads on a cookie sheet in an oven heated to 250 degrees for an hour or so. The beads will lose all their humidity.

Then place the beads in the end of several pairs old pantyhose or socks and throw them in your safe. Keep them from touching the metal of the guns.

If you are really anal, go buy a small electronic hygrometer at Radio Shack ($15) and occassionally look at the humidity level. If it increases, re-dry the beads.

For $20 bucks you have a dry gun safe.

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Just out of curiosity, what type of safe do you have?

I ask because I once bought a "fireproof" safe. It had what was called a fireliner, actually impregnated with, of all things, water. Made by FireKing, a major manufacturer of safes. They had a bad batch and I had one of them. It was raining inside of my safe. Even though the safe was defective and I received a full refund I should have done my homework.

Conversely, my local gun shop had one made from thick plate steel. No issues with moisture at all.
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