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Reid going after the 2nd Amend?

Never listen to Sum Dum Guy on the internet....
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[recipient address was inserted here]

[recipient name was inserted here],

Only a month after their constituents had given them new terms, gun
control advocates in the Senate have made it clear that they will lead to
crusade to implement:

* Gun bans on semiautomatic firearms and magazines;

* An effective ban on gun shows;

* A ban on private gun sales, without going through a gun dealer; and,

* Changes in the Senate rules which would allow them to ban guns with a
mere 50 Senate votes.

This last proposal is particularly insidious. This brings me to the
"nuclear option - used the first day of the Senate session in order to
obliterate the Senate rules and clear the way for 50-vote passage of gun

Your vote on the "nuclear option" may be the most important gun-related
vote you cast during the 113th Congress. It may be the difference between
whether anti Second Ammendment politicians can secure Senate passage of
gun bans, clip bans, gun show bans, and bans on private gun sales.

As Democrats made clear during the Bush administration when the
Republicans were contemplating the "nuclear option," the nuclear option
has been threatened, but the trigger has never been pulled.

Some politicians will suggest that the "nuclear option" can only be
invoked on the first day.

That's a lie. Senate Rule 5, Paragraph 2, provides that the Senate rules
continue from one Congress to the next, unless changed by 67 votes (needed
to break a filibuster of rules changes). If the Senate can obliterate
Rule 5 by 50 votes by brute force, it can obliterate any rule at any time
by 50 votes by brute force.

So I am writing you to insist that you vote against the "nuclear option,";
likely the vote on the "nuclear option" will be the most important gun
control vote of the 113th Congress.


Sample email that can be sent to senators
Never listen to Sum Dum Guy on the internet....
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It will likely pass the Senate because the Democrats control the senate. The bill will be DOA when it reaches the Republican controlled House.
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