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Old 01-30-2013, 18:02   #1
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Initial impression of Mora Bushcraft knife


I believe that it is new on the market. Perhaps the Mora Robust (meaning thicker blade than previous Mora offerings) received such good reception in the market place that it was decided to take a couple of extra steps. Of course, this is speculation.

The blade on the Mora Bushcraft that came out this year is slightly longer than the Robust and the blade is thicker. I tried the new Bushcraft in a few different Mora Robust sheaths - nope- not fit - larger! Tried it in an even lower priced Mora knife sheath and of course it would not fit.

Under $40 delivered. The Robust is about $8 cheaper I think.

The length of the handle appeared to be the same. It is just that the Bushcraft felt better in the hand. I didn't have a micrometer to measure any difference.

Which would I buy? The bushcraft. Would I throw away the Robusts? No. For my needs, the knife is about 10% better. There are some kydex sheaths on the market for th knife.
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Old 01-31-2013, 10:36   #2
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Thanks for the review, I have tried to do some reading up on this new Mora knife, but still not much info out there.

"...The blade on the Mora Bushcraft that came out this year is slightly longer than the Robust and the blade is thicker." This acpect of this new blade does appeal to me.

I started using my Mora for as many outdoor uses that I could come up with.

I will say that the for some uses a bit longer/thicker Mora might just be the ticket.
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Old 02-02-2013, 19:08   #3
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Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Los Angeles
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A long ordered Condor Bushcraft came in today. A few seconds on extra fine Spyderco stones and it was ready to go.

I can compare it to the Mora Bushcraft.

Both are excellent. The Condor has a hardwood handle and leather sheath. The sheath is reminiscent of a leather Marttiini sheath.

The Condor does fit into an Esee 4 kydex sheath and the Mora sheath and even a Helle sheath.

The Condor is a full tang and the thickness appears to be the same as the Mora. The blade is higher (from top to bottom) than the Mora and is stainless, not blackened. Of course it is not as thick as the Esee 4.

In a functional sense, all the knives are quality.

If you prefer a more traditional bushcraft knife (wood and leather sheath) than the choice would be Condor. Are you a belt and suspenders type guy? I am going to anchor the handle of the Mora by adding a piece of 550 cord and and an end lock to the Mora sheath. The best way to describe it is as follows. Say you have a laundry bag and it has draw strings and you want to close it tight. You will use an end lock and pull the strings through the lock to make the closing tight. So, the 550 cord goes through the synthetic "belt loop", around the knife handle and then through the end lock that can be tightened against the knife handle.

The Condor sheath can not accommodate an end lock with 550 cord as best I can figure.
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