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Old 01-27-2013, 17:20   #26
deputy tom
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What is most popular I don't know. What is the most dependable,reliable,accurate and powerful to do the job for ME is a J-frame Smith. Has been for four decades. YMMV. tom.


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Old 01-27-2013, 18:08   #27
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Originally Posted by Jack Wagon View Post
I agree, I absolutely love my 938. Just had it out shooing a couple of hours ago in fact. It's been 100% perfect with all types of ammo too.

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Old 01-27-2013, 19:35   #28
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Originally Posted by WEATHERBY460 View Post
I am leaning towards the taurus tcp, and the glock 26.....

i think a revolver will print to much
Originally Posted by bobcatseger View Post
I am seriously considering purchasing a Glock 26, You said you are very happy with yours. I think I would have to invest in a couple of the Pierce Mag Grip extensions.....To make it feel better in my hand. I could always use my Glock 19 mags for my backup mags.
I see both of you are in Illinois. Do you guys really think CCW will happen? I am not trying to be a smartass I just haven't seen anything about it lately. My thought was that they would become "May Issue" and in the end, the only people that would end up with permits would be a select few and of course some anti-gun politicians.

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Old 01-27-2013, 19:42   #29
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Originally Posted by Dawolf View Post
My Baretta Nano or my PPK for pocket carry. IWB Walther PPS.
I agree theses are great choices. I have the Nano and PPS...
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Old 01-27-2013, 19:44   #30
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Huge vote for the glock 26..

Ruger LC9 is also a good choice. Although you will need to practice more to get used to the long trigger pull..

The XDs is coming out in 9mm soon as well.

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Old 01-27-2013, 19:46   #31
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M&P shield, G26,G27,G19 G23,G30 are very popular carry guns along with Kahr which I hate the triggers
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Old 01-27-2013, 19:56   #32
Short Cut
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I think that commanders and lightweight commanders have long been popular carry guns.

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Old 01-27-2013, 20:04   #33
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I rotate between a Glock 27, a Glock 23, a J-frame, and a Sig P290. The 23 gets most of the carry time followed by the 27. I only carry the J or the Sig when I need extra concealment.
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Old 01-27-2013, 21:26   #34
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My smallest Glock is a 19 and I find it a tad big right now. I was carrying a Kahr P9 but recently sold it and bought a Shield 9mm. Love it. The Walther PPS would be it if the Shield didn't exist. For light jacket pocket/front pants pocket carry the Bodyguard .380 is the way to go.
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Old 01-27-2013, 21:58   #35
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glock 21
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Old 01-27-2013, 22:02   #36
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Was to the gun show a week back here in Jacksonville and checked out the new pocket pistols from Beretta to Taurus. I can't find anything that tops my KelTec P32, SW 642, or Glock 26 (or 27 for that matter) or my Glock 30.
My "hammerless" 642's action is as smooth as two seals and a bucket of axle grease, and it hides like a black bear at midnight in most pockets. The P 32? Don't know you are carrying it 3/4 of the time. The 26 goes IWB or OWB and a T-shirt here in Sunshineland. Same with my Glock 30 although it is a tad heavier and fatter, and so are the bullets...

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Old 01-27-2013, 22:11   #37
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When I'm not home in this commie state I can rotate between j frame, G26, and G23.

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Glock G19, 21, 22, 23, 26

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Old 01-27-2013, 23:08   #38
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This is an easy one for me as i'm "in the business" and keep records of such things.

Glock 19 and 23 (about even)
Glock 26 and 27 (about even)
Kahr P9 and P40 (more P9 because of recoil)
Kahr PM9 and PM40 (more PM9 because of recoil)
Also the lower priced Kahr's respectively.

BUT, the carry trends are changing fast with the new smaller guns coming out of S&W, Springfield, and all the other "nice new little guns" being made by many different companies.

For sure Glock is experiencing watered down sales because of this, but, i'm sure their sales are still just fine. Point is that sales are going away from the Glocks and toward the others. It's pretty widely spread out even now and has been for about the last year. Also, i'm not sure where the G17 and G22 fit in that list above because so many people buy them, but i'm not sure how many carry them concealed compared to the others. Sales of the G17 and G22 are about the same as with the G19 and G23. It would be cool to see and actual poll.
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Old 01-28-2013, 00:57   #39
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My LC9 is the easiest to carry for long periods of time. After ditching the mag safety and getting rid of the long trigger pull it is a surprisingly accurate slim 9MM. It has been dead reliable for me and has not been picky about ammo. I wish I would have bought two or three of them back when they were on sale for $370. Really easy to work on too.
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Old 01-28-2013, 04:32   #40
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Originally Posted by WEATHERBY460 View Post
I am leaning towards the taurus tcp, and the glock 26.....

i think a revolver will print to much
I carried a J-frame for over twenty years, but finally switched to the G26. Both IWB.

Get the 26.
G'day and G'lock.

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Old 01-28-2013, 05:05   #41
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G26 all day every day until I find something to swap out with. Thinking a pps.

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Old 01-28-2013, 08:44   #42
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My PM9 on belt holster disappears and I forget it's there.

I've fired few hundred rounds of target and SD ammo. Been flawless. Got lucky I guess.
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Old 01-28-2013, 09:33   #43
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Glock 26 is easier to shoot well than a J frame (I carried one or the other for years). But for me a CZ Rami 9mm shoots better than either.
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Old 01-28-2013, 15:09   #44
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Ruger SP101 in .357. You can shoot any type of standard .38 special in it also. I have one and it is my ccw gun at all times.
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Old 01-28-2013, 15:10   #45
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The Glocks if they fit your hand, also M&P and XD I went with the Ruger SR9c and im so happy I ditched the Glock 23 for the thats my small CC gun SR9c!
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Old 01-28-2013, 15:15   #46
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Originally Posted by WEATHERBY460 View Post
I cant make up my mind on what to get for a concealed carry what are the most popular that people buy...thanks....
You need to find a gun for yourself that meets this criteria in this order.

- Reliable - shoot when you pull the trigger
- Size a weight that you will carry
- Accurate - you can hit what you are aiming at under pressure
- Number of rounds
- Caliber
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Old 01-29-2013, 00:58   #47
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I would think 2 of the most popular would be the Glock 19 and Ruger LCP.

Take a look at the Kahr CW9 or CM9. Great for CC
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