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Old 04-20-2013, 09:39   #176
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My first pistol was one of Springfield Armory's "Loaded" 1911 pistols. It was a beautiful looking gun and the price was right at about $450 new. But, I had stovepipes every 4th rd or so and I wasn't accurate with it. In hindsight, I wasn't yet ready for a .45 of any type. So, I traded it for a G17 and I've never had a jam in any Glock I've fired since (I own 3 and have owned about 7 different ones over the years. I'm not a zealot and know there are many fine weapons available. I just really like the gun, the many accessories you can tinker with and the fact that parts, mags etc. are readily available.
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Old 04-20-2013, 10:05   #177
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I've been a gun owner and shooter for over 50 years. I was never a Glock fan. After deep thought and looking at all the options when deciding on a carry weapon how could I not like and choose a Glock. Dependable, durable, no external safeties or other protrusions (very clean lines), three internal safeties, easy to work on and maintain, lots of parts and accessories available, good magazine capacity, good shooter & accurate, what's not to like? I went with the G30, then bought a 2nd G30, then bought a G26. I love 'em and stake my life on them!
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2011; Never owned one, never would. Good deal came on a G22. Had a NY1 trigger set up and I could still shoot it better than anything I had ever owned. Put a 3.5 lb connector and regular springs. Had never dreamed I would ever shoot that well. Then came the flood...
Byron W VanArsdale
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and just bought Dad a 35 for Christmas!
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is not cool.
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Originally Posted by Mr30s View Post
she has a bigger gun than you
For a while she was, then the "gun" qualifier fell off the back end...

Posted from my car phone.
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John B
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I heard rumor about a "plastic pistol" in the 80's and was so intrigued that I had to have one. When one became available I jumped on it. There was only one available at the time, the G17. I was the only person that I knew of for the longest time that had one. Still have it, and still shoot it. I have never had a malfunction with it. I like to say that I can feed an 06 side ways into it and it would still shoot. My family and I have put 10s of thousands of rounds through it. When you look down the bore you can't even see rifling anymore but it still shoots great.
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I had a 1911.
When I took a permit class, I asked the instructor what he would recommend for carry.
His answer was Glock or Sig so I got Glock.
I actually tried HK recently but grip angle threw me off so decided stick with least for now.

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Old 04-21-2013, 13:59   #182
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I've always been a Ruger owner. 1st was a 10/22, then P95, then KP95, then 14 mini SS, then Moss 590A1, then SR22. I wanted to see what the hype was all about and did some research and bought a Glock 19 Gen 3 a month ago. Took a while to get used to not having a decock and always having a DA pull. The original trigger connector was too heavy so I installed a Glock 3.5 which made it more liveable. I can see why everyone falls in love with these Glocks, simple, reliable and don't have to worry to take the safety off when SHTF.

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Old 04-21-2013, 15:21   #183
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I was looking at a SS Mil-spec Springfield 1911 in .45 Auto and a friend of my mine who has both guns recommended the Glock. We went shooting for a day trying the different guns he had in different calibers. I was the most accurate with the tricked out 1911 he had in .45 Auto but, I liked how easy the Glock was to completely break down and maintain. The Glock also through our day of shooting did not have one single stove pipe or FTF's after shooting hundreds of rounds. I cannot say the same for the 1911. We had several stove pipes and FTF's. I decided on a Glock 30 after holding both the 21 and 30 in my hand. The 30 fit better and makes a better CCW it also felt close to the way the G19 we were shooting felt in my hand. The G21 felt a little too big. I am very pleased with my G30 after installing Meprolight night sights and the Ghost 5.0 tactical connector with 6.0 trigger spring it honestly shoots as tight as my friends 1911 without the high price tag or malfunctions!
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Old 04-21-2013, 20:54   #184
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Comfort, reliability and ease of use...

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Old 04-21-2013, 22:19   #185
I. B. Glockin'
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June of 2004 a friend bought a new Gen 3 Glock-23. He called me up and suggested we make a trip to the range. While we were there he asked me if I wanted to drive it around the block and of course I said yes. Up to that point I'd never actually seen one in person that I knew what it was. He handed me the pistol empty and a fully loaded magazine. I inserted the magazine and racked one in. By the time I'd emptied the magazine I had already made up my mind.

45 minutes later I was at Carters Country filling out the paper work on my new G-23. An hour after that I was back at the range and by the time I left I had put 150 rounds of WWB through my new Glock. I'm up to 7,750 rounds through it as of right now, plus I have since then bought the 17, 21, and 36. I'm a Glockaholic for life. Don't know of a cure and don't want one. I have and shoot and carry other guns too but I LOOOOVE my Glocks!! Still lookin' for a way to repay my friend for the great favor he did for me.
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Old 05-06-2013, 06:06   #186
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I heard about Glocks in 1989 when the media was griping about how Glocks get through metal detectors (FALSE). The idea of a 24-ounce, full-size 9mm was interesting, so I bought one. I have been carrying it ever since.
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions
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Old 05-06-2013, 07:02   #187
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Gen 3, G20.

End of story.
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Old 05-06-2013, 07:06   #188
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I made the mistake of buying a crappy Taurus PT-140 that like to blow out it's firing pin/firing pin cover and to top it off it came with crappy service. Sold it and bought a Glock on the advice of a freind and 5 Glock later I've never looked back
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Old 05-06-2013, 07:23   #189
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For me it was simple.

1. Reliability

I wanted something reliable because that is the most important function of a firearm for my safety. Glock was known for their superior reliability.

2. Simplicity

I wanted something that was simple in design. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, I have learned that simple designs tend to have the best results. The Glock is a very simple design that minimizes the number of parts required for it to do it's job.

3. Supported

I wanted a gun that was supported by the aftermarket and provided plenty of accessories for me to choose from.

That's about it. I did not list accuracy because all modern firearms are accurate. I read many reviews for many handguns and it seemed to me that Glock was liked by many. I held one in my hand, it felt good, I purchased it. lol
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Old 05-06-2013, 07:29   #190
Sher Khan
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I purchased my first Glock 17 in January 1987. I liked what I read about it in reviews in various gun magazines, and wanted a 9mm pistol. It fit my grip perfectly, and has been amazingly accurate over the years. have NEVER had a stoppage of any kind with this pistol. It is a bit large for a CCW pistol for me, so I didn't practice with it much recently, until I got a LaserLyte training cartridge in 9mm. Now I am enjoying it a lot, once again. When the Glock 21 appeared, I immediately traded a cranky Colt Series 70 .45 ACP for one and found it accurate and reliable as well. However, it seemed a bit large for my hand, so I traded it for a Glock 30. The Glock 30 is my favorite handgun these days. I might prefer the SF model, but haven't yet tried one. If a single-stack 9mm in a carry size were to be issued, I would definitely be interested (assuming a) I could afford it these days; and b) 9mm ammunition were to become available at reasonable prices once again). I joined GSSF, but so far there are no matches anywhere near where I live. Otherwise, I would be an even more active fan of Glock products!
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Old 05-06-2013, 07:59   #191
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There are better FEELING guns, in the hand. I think the Springfield XD line is nice, but there is something MINIMAL, SQUARE, SIMPLE and pure about the Glock. I just like it.
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Old 05-06-2013, 10:20   #192
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Went shooting with a friend. I was shooting a 1991A1 45ACP, My friend was using a G21. I tried his G21 and my group shrunk by half even with the over size grip on the G21 that didn't fit my hand.
Glock is my primary weapon to this day.
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Old 05-06-2013, 11:03   #193
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I realized a couple of years ago that I didn't really have a good, reliable combat/defense handgun. I had target and hunting pistols, but needed something for pure defense. The G17 was an obvious choice to me because of its simplicity to operate, and it helped that I could easily teach other family members how to use it when necessary. I like knowing that I (or they) can just "pick it up and start shooting" without fumbling with controls, etc. Plus I love to shoot it. I immediately could shoot it well, as if I had owned it for years.
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Postal Clerk
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Ted Nugent & a cop got me hooked on Glocks.
I like BIG Bores & I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny ...:rofl:

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Old 05-06-2013, 11:30   #195
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I don't remember when but I saw an article on the Glock 29 being able to swap barrels quick to change calibers. From 10 mm to .357 sig was a good choice for me. I also like having a compact pistol in a powerful caliber so as to overcome the loss of power from the shorter barrel. Since then, I've also acquired a barrel for .40s&w, although not my favorite.
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Old 05-06-2013, 13:44   #196
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"Get yourself a Glock and lose that nickel-plated sissy pistol."

I was carrying a SIG 226,a S&W revolver or a .38 derringer and wanted to carry a subcompact IWB. I saw that stupid movie and bought a Glock 26. It is my main squeeze now.
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Old 05-06-2013, 15:03   #197
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I remember back in the early 80's watching the NBC nightly news (It was one of only two stations we could get) anchor talking about a new plastic gun he called a Glock. It came with a ceramic barrel that was easy to get by metal detectors at airports and everyone was up in arms about it and the sky was falling yada, yada, yada! Later in life I became a fan of the 1911 and couldn't understand why in the heck anyone would want a "plastic" pistol and how everyone I knew called it a piece of crap and it became front heavy as you emptied the mag and on and on. I had pretty much made up my mind that I didn't want anything to do with it! About 2008 my then 18 year old son and I were at the local indoor range shooting my 1911 and my new 92FS. He looked up at the rentals and saw one of those Glocks and asked if we could shoot it. I figured, what the heck! After we each shot 50 rounds through it, I'll admit I was impressed! So much so that I bought one on the way out! As of today I've owned 9 Glocks. 8 G17's and 1 G19. I still own the first 5 I've bought! The others I sold to family or close friends that just had to have one. I can't pass up a good deal on one of those "Plastic guns"!!

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Old 05-06-2013, 15:38   #198
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Ok, to be clear I'm still anti-Glock! That opinion is losing support rapidly. What I don't like is the 0 active safety with a relatively light trigger. The XD has converted me for HD, but for CCW and competition shooting? Maybe

So I decide to improve my credibility as a Glock hater by buying one and truely understand how bad they suck. To help my opinion, I decide to buy a well used police gun off Gunbroker. The pics looked ok, but I was sure it would be rough enough to have some street cred.

It looked pretty rough. I'm like this is it, my crap gun. A G21 45 Auto. Then I clean it. Turns out all the marks wear something else rubbed off on the gun! Even the night sights are decent. The grip is as big as a whale. No way I shoot this well.

Well, the disappointment came when I shot it great. It ate everything. After cleaning, it looks nearly new. I thought I saw rust, but it wiped off.

Not a bad gun. No way I'm cleaning it though!
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My dad carried a G19 on duty when I was a Kid

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Like many other shooters, i drank the 1911 kool-aid and believed Jeff Cooper.
I own 8 M-1911's plus 3 more I built up myself.
Shot those 1911's for years, and also learned imediate action drills and "tap, rack, bang" more than I cared for!
Bought my first Glock in 91, a 1st gen M17 and never looked back,simple gun to use,simple to work on, and stone cold reliable.
Now own 6 Glocks, the 17 and 19 are 1st gen, have a 20,21,22 and a 30.
The 20 in 10mm auto is my favorite, had a Colt Delta Elite 10mm, the frame cracked at 700 rounds, Colt stepped up and replaced the frame but it's now a safe queen.

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