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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
It amazes me that after something like that happens, that people can actually rationalize trying to disarm the citizenry.
What amazes me is the people who keep asking: "Will the cops disarm their fellow citizens if ordered to?"
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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
And no one knows how many there are that don't but should.

Wrong. Three sides.

1. Their side.

2. Your side.

3. What actually happened.

I agree. Look at Rodney King and many incidents like his. Their actions were contradictory to the law from above.

Once upon a time maybe. Many old school officers I know are. Many of the new breed aren't. Most of the new ones I've met seem like they belong in Hitlers SS rather than on a police force.

Need proof?

Ask and you shall receive!

(See videos below.)

Ethics and Morals.

Keep those two words in mind while you watch the following videos. (There are plenty more where those came from by the way.)

CA Police Chief: Guns Are Not a Defensive Weapon - YouTube

Dash Cam: Canton PD "Notification" Arrest & Officer Goes Berserk / Threatens - YouTube

Police Officer Fired after being Caught on Tape - YouTube

Orlando Police Officer Assaults Woman - YouTube

Man shot on camera by the police - Police brutality - YouTube

Sorry to tell you but the Dong is wrong.

(Too much dong on the brain will do that to you.)

Video #1 - Unethical? The guy says pistols are an offensive weapon. If that difference in opinion makes him "unethical," no wonder you were ridiculous enough to post the additional videos as "proof" of officers misconduct.

Video #2 - Canton cop in the worst part of town dealing with a "lawful" CCW holder there with a crack addict and a prostitute in his car. If you're doing with a car load of criminals and felons you need to talk tough. I'm betting you don't work in the ghetto with some of the dirt bags that dwell there on a daily basis, therefore your opinion on the matter is irrelevant. By the way, that badass Canton cop won in court and his getting his job back.

Video #3 - Cop whacks a suspect two to three times on the arms who, among multiple other people, fled from police during late night hours? Yeah, what a horrible incident.

Video #4 - Cop tosses some drunk broad out of a bar onto her face at 2 am. She wasn't complying with is lawful commands and got tossed. You run the risk of injury if you disobey a lawful command. Get used to it. If you don't like it move somewhere where they allow law violators to walk all over the police.

Video #4 - Some random third world country. Completely irrelevant, what the hell are you trying to say by posting this?

No, not all police officer are angels, but the videos displayed above are a pathetic excuse at proving a point.
To intimidate those who intimidate others.
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couldn't believe this when it was proposed and doubt anything like this passes anywhere in Al. in Al. city/county gun laws do not supercede state laws anyway.

the mayor is newly elected, an attorney as is her father and apparently a very elitist attitude. if she grew up in Al. she obivously wasn't paying attention.
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