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Ordered mine Tuesday morning, arrived Wednesday afternoon.

As far as PSA saying they get their BCG's next door - there is more "next door" to PSA than FN.
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Would you buy their BCG for $225 if they weren't claiming that part of it was a NRA donation?
Yes. Having MY choices made for me by a company is bad business IMHO. Do what
you guys want, it's not about the nra or supporting anything it's about MY choice being taken away. MY choice to donate to XYZ. BCM parts are great & I use their gear. I just don't agree with the donation thing & have to question why it's only on BCG's? You don't see these nra donation things on uppers? They have way more uppers come into stock then BCG's.
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I agree. I don't like being told what to do, or how I have to spend my money. The government already does more than enough of that. I'd much prefer to see Bravo Company do something similar to the Midway NRA-Roundup, which I think is a phenomenal idea.
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