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Downstaters don't care about Chicago concealed carry

Some interesting poll results in there.
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It may be interesting, but it is also "Divide and Conquer" at its finest. The General Assembly wants to sell us our rights, just like Blago wanted to sell Obama's former seat in the Senate. The world should watch Illinois politics and learn what to expect if Obama gets a Democratic majority in 2014 mid-term elections. It won't be pretty!
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I worked in Canton Illinois for several months back in '08-09. Some of the nicest people I've ever met and a very far cry from what you'd expect to find in Chicago (or even nearby Peoria). It's a shame the whole state gets stuck with whatever laws that the crooks in Chicago want to impose on the folks "down south'.
I hope that the moon-bats in southern Maine doesn't try to come up with their version of the "FOID" card.
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Talk about a loaded question when asking if they supported letting Chicago and Cook county be something other than shall issue. There may still be support for the proposal, but it is not to the level they claim with that survey.

From the original article:
"If a concealed carry law is passed, Chicago and Cook County law enforcement officials want the right to stop a permit being issued to any individual in Chicago or Cook County when there is a concern about the applicant's character," respondents were told. "Do you think they should be able to stop a permit in Chicago or Cook County under those circumstances?"
I would be interested to see the results if the question were asked "Should Chicago and Cook County have a may issue permit system with the remainder of the state having a shall issue system?"
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