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Incirlik AB
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Gov To Sign HB60

The problem in our country today is that we spend more time on making sure we are politically correct instead of making sure we are biblically correct.
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No news service has mentioned the provision of the bill that further restricts the mentally ill from concealed carry. This actually tightens the requirements in a way that will increase public safety.

The bill also seeks to improve mental health regulations for Georgia Weapons Carry License applicants:
  • · Two prohibitors would be added to Georgia law to prevent the individuals who have been deemed the following from receiving a Georgia Weapons Carry License: 1) any person who has been adjudicated “mentally incompetent to stand trial” or 2) any person who has been adjudicated “not guilty by reason of insanity” at the time of the crime.
  • · The bill also requires that a court order for involuntary commitment be reported within 10 days to Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). Current law requires reporting by probate and superior courts but does not ensure that orders are promptly submitted. Probate judges will also be required by law to check GCIC to ensure that information submitted on the application form is accurate, thereby ensuring the public’s trust in our license process.
Other important aspects of this bill include:
  • · Georgians will not be required to be re-fingerprinted when seeking a renewal or temporary renewal license, thereby saving $45.
  • · Provides that no database can be created of Georgia Weapons Carry License holders.
  • · Allows school boards the opportunity and choice to arm an employee under their guidelines and supervision.
  • · Makes it a misdemeanor for those who unknowingly bring a weapon to an airport who are caught at a security checkpoint.
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