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Old 09-06-2013, 13:28   #1
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"Special glasses" to see the sights


I used to be nearsighted needing glasses for distance. Then as I got older needed additional prescription for reading.

Recently had cataract surgery with implants and now distance vision good, but still need reading glasses.

But good part is I can get off the rack reading glasses and try many diopters. I find I see the sights best with diopter that is less then I use for reading, as pistol sights held farther away than say newspaper. And while the target should be out of focus, it should not be just a faint smudge.

Right now I am working with a pair of safety glasses that have bifocals reversed on top with clear lens below. Works pretty well to 25 yards but beyond that distance black of target begins to look like a smudge. Lowest diopter I can find is these particular style glasses is 1.5. I use 2.0 diopter for general reading. I believe a diopter of 1.0 would be better and will be experimenting with plain old reading glasses in this diopter.

My question is whether you believe this exercise is relevant beyond just satisfaction of making tighter groups? I don't anticipate I would be wearing "special glasses" in a defensive situation.

However, I do believe that when the sights are blurry that my trigger control is not good. Therefore, I am hoping that one benefit from practicing some with "special glasses" will be developing and maintaining good trigger control, which would be a benefit even when shooting without "special glasses."

If this works out might split my range time between shooting with and without "special glasses."

Your thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Jack
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Old 09-07-2013, 11:41   #2
Mas Ayoob
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Sounds like you're on the right track. If you can walk around with normal vision and not knock over little old ladies or anything, but can still hit what you're aiming at, you're good to go with your day to day lenses. Specialty glasses for specialty recreational shooting shouldn't send you to Dante's Inferno or anything.

best of luck,
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