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Shipping ammo to Alaska

Quick question (where have we heard that before??)

I found some "reasonable" priced (lake city) 308, as well as some .50 BMG that was not too bad. I have a relative in AK who is in market for both.
Anyone know offhand how hard/expensive it would be to ship it to him?
The 308 is in lots of 250 rds (loose pack in cardboard box) the .50 is linked in ammo cans.(IIRC 100rds) BTW some is API and some tracer. (if that matters)
I am just looking for options before I go to post office, UPS... to check with them. If its a "Heck NO" I can save time.
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All I know is you cannot ship ammo via the postal service so it will have to be via UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.
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Shipping ammo to Alaska
Major pain in the ass, even for retailers who end up pooling resources and getting it shipped all at once by barge.

As an ORM-D item it has to be shipped by common carrier. Depending on where your relative lives will dictate options. If they live along the coast where freight boats have scheduled runs, it can be shipped to their company and sent by boat. For places like skAnchorage or Fairbanks it can be shipped through Lynden Transport.

The only way to make it pay off is to ship a large quantity.

If he lives in a village off the road system, he's basically screwed unless he sends a bunch back in checked baggage from skAnchorage or Fairbanks.
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I used to send things to a friend in Alaska, he will used my address and I will re send it to him, most packages were fruits and vegetables, occasionally I will put a couple of ammo boxes, knives, tools, truck parts. etc. it was expensive and that was a long time ago, he has vanish for at least 8 years now.
edit to add: he wanted a lot of spices and salt.

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