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Old 07-26-2003, 11:26   #1
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Role reversal

How about some role reversal (and this is true):
I'm the one who carries, and who had the original gun and bought more. My husband grew up on a farm in east Texas, but tends to be liberal (although not so on the issues of personal responsibility and the Bill of Rights.) He is skittish of guns, and is nervous about me carrying "one in the pipe"--afraid I'll shoot myself or someone or something by accident, despite all the classes I've been to and the fact that I shoot at least once a month, doing drills and such (including shooting on the move.)
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I've carried that way for 5 years (even Mexican carry) and haven't had a problem yet.

If you're not going to have one in the pipe , why bother carryin?? When you need it, you'll never have the time to get one in the pipe!!
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I believe Shoeless is in a similar situation, Tam.

Mine's not quite as bad, unless you consider the shoes. I've bought 4 guns, he's had two given to him. I have three pair of heels for work, sandals, running shoes, and boots for the bike. He has three closets full of all sorts of shoes.

He's working on the concealed carry license, though, and used to be in the Army, so weapons aren't really an issue for us. Which is good. For him.

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Tam, you ROCK! ;f
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