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Old 09-04-2003, 19:41   #1
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Looking to Carry

Ladies and Gents,
I'm new to trying concealed carry. I'm pretty comfortable with guns but haven't really had one strapped to my side. I took the NRA CC course and have my carry license but am still looking for the "perfect" female carry firearm. I've tried several (both firing and just holding) but am still looking for my first carry weapon (I have a .32 but do not want to carry this; it's a historical piece). I'm interested in a semi-auto (no revolvers) - either a .40 or .45; nothing smaller in caliber. I do not want a plastic/polymer firearm. I don't necessarily like double action. Maybe I'll look for a red-dot laser site or maybe just some tritium dots. I prefer a lighter trigger pull, 3-4" barrel and high capacity mag. I'll most likely carry with HydroShock or an equivalent ammo. Physically, I'm on the small side (strong side carry, outside the waistband, likely kydex- no cross draws or fanny packs/purses). If you can provide any advice, I'd appreciate it. Keep shootin!
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Old 09-04-2003, 20:56   #2
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Rent and fire lots of guns. Don't reject the 9mm and .380 class of chamberings. When you find something with which you can consistently hit the target, which is reliable, and which is for sale, buy it.

A few months ago the NRA magazine had an article about revolvers as concealed carry guns. It turned out that all the writers and editors who had gathered to confer over hacking out a story for John Q. Public on the merits of carrying old-fashioned and out-of-date revolvers for personal protection were called upon to reveal the type of gun they were carrying for personal protection that day. All of them were carrying revolvers, a lot of them were snub-nosed .38's.

Welcome to the sane side of life, just don't go crazy trying to get one perfect gun to defend against NFL linemen, stalking cougars, and charging elephants.

I'm not disparaging OWB strongside large-bore semi-automatics for personal protection carry, but you are small and that does add 1.5 pounds to you lopsided.
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Old 09-04-2003, 21:39   #3
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A couple of thoughts:

-If your hands are on the small side, look into the compact and subcompact versions of various guns, they may fit you better. Or they may be obnoxious and uncomfortable to shoot. Pretty much try anything you could reasonablly manage to carry.

-Pick the one you love to shoot and carry.

-From what I can tell there really isn't any particular "female" gun. I happen hate some of the ones I've been informed are good for ladies to carry. I love my G26.

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Old 09-05-2003, 13:52   #4
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Try a Kimber Ten? Or does that have the polymer frame...? I can't recall... Why not a normal single-stack 1911 in a shorter barrel? Apart from your wanting a double-stack magazine, the 1911 meets all your other desires...

I love my Kimbers!
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Old 09-07-2003, 08:05   #5
alfred guard
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MY WIFE SHOOTS THE GLOCK 36, AND THE GLOCK 23 AND THE TOMCAT 32.But she got a glock 27 for carry likes it very well/
Big Dawgs # 572. Virginia glocker # 37
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The 40, Club # 44, Former, U.S Army 1963 to 1973.Yes I was there.N.R.A. Instructor
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Old 09-11-2003, 20:45   #6
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What the hell are you doing on a Glock website if your don't want a "plastic or polymer" gun!?!

That aside, my recommendation would be a Glock 26 - 9 mm subcompact "baby Glock"- ammo is cheap, accurate out of the box and wicked fun to shoot.
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Old 09-20-2003, 21:25   #7
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a reply

I am wondering why your reasoning for not wanting a "plastic or polymer gun"? If you are indeed new 2 guns you might do a little more research.

I am an LEO with LOTS of guns; revolvers and autos. But,I have 3 Glocks of my own! They are indestructible; highly functional; easy to clean; a breeze to disassemble, and assemble, extremely easy to operate (no decockers etc) and look pretty damn intimidating in my hand. I am wondering if you are judging that "plastic or polymer is an inferior product?? That is not the case.

I really love my Glocks 22,22 and 27.

Glocks Rock.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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Old 09-20-2003, 22:07   #8
Bruce Foreman
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Re: Looking to Carry

Originally posted by Gnu2Guns
Ladies and Gents,
I'm interested in a semi-auto (no revolvers) - either a .40 or .45; nothing smaller in caliber. I do not want a plastic/polymer firearm. I don't necessarily like double action. Maybe I'll look for a red-dot laser site or maybe just some tritium dots. I prefer a lighter trigger pull, 3-4" barrel and high capacity mag.
So far the Kimber Ultra Carry fits your bill except for hi cap mags. It has about the same manageable recoil as my Colt Lightweight Commander, is extremely accurate, and has very decent trigger pull. It can take 7 round mags (.45 ACP) and Crimson Trace makes a version of their LaserGrips (laser sight is built into the right hand grip) to fit it. These have to be seen and tried to be appreciated.

Bruce Foreman
"I Glock...Therefore I am..."
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Old 09-22-2003, 11:27   #9
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I wonder, too, why you reject plastic/polymer out of hand? ;d

You may want to reconsider, especially if you're small or petite -- it's much lighter.

I carry a G19 concealed IWB, crossdraw, at least until I can justify getting myself the G27. ;a

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