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Dies for 10mm

So what are the best dies for reloading 10mm on a Redding T-7 turret?
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I prefer Dillon dies in general, but for your situation, I would recommend Lee dies. They work fine (albeit with a tight sizer mouth, so not ideal for a progressive) and are incredibly well priced.
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I purchased a Lee. Very satisfied with it. Quality is top notch...
Don't care for Dillon dies..
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Old 01-14-2015, 23:05   #4
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A few thoughts, in general...

Re-sizer - get carbide, obviously. You'll also want a die that sizes low enough on the case to remove any Glock belly. The rare range pickup will likely be spent Glock brass. My sets of RCBS dies get far enough down that cases seat into a case gage. This is after max loads through a Glock chamber. Otherwise, you might need an extra pass-through step to get the reloads to gage properly. If you load in any kind of volume, this adds a lot of effort. How do you know if Brand A or Brand B will do this? Hard to tell. This unfortunately might be a little trial and error, but I think it is worth the initial investment for long-term efficiency. Of course, if you will never shoot those reloads in anything but a stock Glock chamber, then all of this is pretty much moot. The Glock won't mind a little leftover Glock belly.

One overlooked aspect of this is the shell holder. If the shell holder holds the case slightly deeper, then the re-sizer won't go down far enough. They are supposed to be somewhat universal, but manufacturing tolerances and all that...

Case mouth expander - I am sold on the "M" style expanders. They work the brass less, and they let the bullets start into the seating die straighter. Lyman is known for them. Newer dies from RCBS also ship with M expanders, but they don't advertise that for whatever reason. They retrofitted one of my old sets for free when I called them. If you are going to have a charging station with powder-through expanding, then this is moot too.

Seating dies - Really, the difference is going to be in the shape of the seating plug. They may fit one profile or another better. I wouldn't stress about this with pistol ammo. If you get into loading cast bullets, then a profile swap on the seating stem might be in order. That will keep the bullet seating straight, and not leave engraving marks.

Crimp - Seating dies typically also will taper crimp, but I'd recommend doing that in separate steps since you'll have plenty of stations on the press. There are really 2 options: standard taper crimp dies and the Lee FCD. The FCD concept is controversial. Some swear by them, but I land in the camp of those that prefer a traditional crimp die. All the brands sell taper crimp dies. No need to spend a lot of money. I personally have a couple of Lyman TC dies.

If powder-through expanding at the charging station is intended, then Dillon is worth a look. They don't have a case mouth expanding die ('cause you won't need one), but they do have an extra crimp die. The seater is reversible to change bullet profiles. If not doing the powder-through expanding a Dillon set will need to be supplemented with an expander die. I have had great results with my 2 sets of 10mm RCBS dies, but grab an extra taper crimp die if going that route.
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Love my Lee dies. Loaded a bunch of 10 mm today.
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