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Old 03-24-2015, 14:36   #1
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26 question

I've decided to get a 26. I'm OK with used. Is there any generation I should avoid? I'm looking for a problem free gun. thanks for any info
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Old 03-24-2015, 18:10   #2
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Great choice. I can only speak to the Gen4 which I own two of. Have a few thousand rounds in one and a few hundred in the other. Not a single issue thus far. They go bang every time. With medium size hands I chose the Gen4 because it's the smaller size grip which can be made larger with the grip back straps. Good luck and let us know what you get.
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Old 03-24-2015, 19:24   #3
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Hello, and welcome!

I've got a Gen2 with 5,500+/- rounds down the pipe. No issues, none. Of course, I've left it completely stock. I've added no aftermarket "improvements" and I've replaced necessary parts with OEM.

Hasn't missed a beat, trust it completely.
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Old 03-24-2015, 19:32   #4
DJ Niner
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I have both a Gen3 and Gen4, and both have been absolutely trouble-free. I think Glock had evolved into a very reliable basic mechanism as the subcompact Glocks were being designed, and the Gen4 improvements didn't make many changes to the subcompact Glock mechanisms.

A few things to consider in making your choice:

- The Gen4 with no backstrap installed will have the smallest grip, so if you or your spouse/SO have small hands, a Gen4 G26 will give you the smallest possible grip size.

- If you shoot left-handed, the mag catch on the Gen4 can be switched to the other side for more comfortable use by lefties.

- Mag catch button is larger on the Gen4 pistols; some folks like this (easier to hit during a hurried reload), others do not (easier to hit by mistake and drop the mag when didn't want to do that).

- If you plan to carry using an Inside WaistBand (IWB) holster, be aware that the aggressive grip texture of the Gen4 pistols can be abrasive on any bare skin or even clothes it contacts. Gen3 is more comfortable (not as abrasive), but also not as sure-gripped in wet/sweaty or very cold conditions.

- New Gen4 subcompact Glocks should come with a total of 3 magazines; Gen3 subcompacts only come with 2 mags.

Really, you can't go wrong with either pistol.
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Old 03-24-2015, 19:47   #5
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I've owned a couple, and currently own a Gen 3. I'll stick with it vs. a Gen 4 personally. Saying that, all my Glocks are of the same generation for a reason.
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Old 03-24-2015, 20:25   #6
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I have a gen3 with about 3K down the pipe, I like the finger grooves, some folks don't. Super reliable, even likes steel cased ammo and light hand loads all the way up to +p+.

I have big hands and prefer carrying with the stock GLOCK 12rd mags, hard to find, but worth it.

Makes the G26 grip 3/4 inch shorter than the gun would be if I used 15rd mags and just big enough to get a full grip on.

Lots of options with the g26, you won't regret it.
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Old 03-28-2015, 08:27   #7
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I have a G26 generation 3. It's a great gun and it is surprisingly accurate. I damaged a spring in my G34 during a tactical shooting class and simply started using my G26 with my full length magazines. The two guns feel so similar, that I didn't miss a beat. My accuracy didn't drop off noticeably and I really enjoyed shooting the class with a subcompact. I've even shot PPC with my G26, and my score was only about a dozen points lower than with any of my full size guns.
I never minded that my pinky finger hangs off in space with any of my subcompacts, but I have noticed over time that I do shoot them slightly better with a Pearce grip extension on them.
Have fun. I have a number of subcompacts that I haven't taken out of the safe since I got my G26. I just like it that much.
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Old 03-29-2015, 18:38   #8
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G27=bad dna stopper!!
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Old 03-29-2015, 21:54   #9
DJ Niner
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G27 = ill-mannered obnoxious little beastie, compared to the G26, which is the subject of this thread; let's keep our posts on-topic, please.
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Old 04-05-2015, 15:02   #10
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Thanks for all your input guys. I'm going to have to rent each one at the range and see how the differences effect my shooting.
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